We would like to present our community update for the second quarter. This will be a mixed update with some positive but also some negative point we need to address.

Let’s get the negative points out of the way first:

  • We failed to hit our donation goals for Q2.
  • Progress has been slow on the development side.
  • We have lost access to our donations buffer.

As was to be expected, due to slow progress on our end, but also since ArmA 3 is now entering its fifth year, less people have decided to donate to help us finance our servers.

Another part to this however is that we lost contact with our treasurer EUTW-Napster end of last year. Our former PayPal account is still holding 700 EUR worth of donations, but we can’t access it to move the money out. We have since established a new account that is in use for several months already, accepting all new donations.

This problem prevents us from compensating for the fewer donations. Several EUTW members have been standing in to make up for the loss of money and thrown in several hundred euros from their own pockets over the last months. Unfortunately we have not been able to get any replies from Napster.

We have now reached a point, where we will have to face consequences and reduce our server pool to be able to maintain operation. This means we will abandon one of our root servers, 1st of April, only keeping EUTW #1 and #2 live, while #3 and #4 will be retired.

The server rotation will remain as is for now, but we plan on restructuring layouts and update the rotation based on community feedback. Please be aware that having only two servers running will mean less variety and is more likely for two less liked islands/layouts being active.

For the moment at least, this will also put an end to our community layout efforts. We hope to resume this in the future however and yet unreleased layouts might make it into our future rotation still. There will be another news post about this soon.

Now to some positive points:

  • Donutz has joined our admin team
  • Mik is helping to improve the new stats page further
  • Likbjorn will soon support us with scripting on the dev team
  • We plan on releasing an update soon to integrate the upcoming Tanks DLC
  • Additional balancing and cost adjustments are still planned as well

All in all a mixed bag unfortunately, but we hope that we can get some momentum back soon and start pushing out more frequent updates again. There are still a lot of outstanding feature, like the team handicap bonus to rescue stacking and the rework of the spawning system.

Thanks for your continued support, your donations and your feedback!

See you on the servers!

The EUTW Team