Dear EUTW community,

We are proud to present you the new 2.09.00 PVP Warfare update which brings new classes and specialization system along with other improvements and fixes.


With this update, we have also launched our new Wiki site, which you can check out at

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Update highlights


More Meaningful Classes

The available classes have been changing quite a bit over time, some roles disappearing or replaced by others, some changing in regard to available equipment and purpose.
With the latest iteration, we want to strengthen the core combat role of each class around concepts like assault, firepower, anti-vehicle capabilities and long range.
The new classes are built around their weapons mainly, giving players a chance to focus on being a machinegunner, a rifleman, AT/AA gunner or sniper as their main role.
Each of these come with a number of exclusive weapons and equipment only they can purchase, but also restricts their access to other types of gear.

We also tried to exclude support roles from this as much as possible, which in the past often meant that players had to be a medic or engineer not because they wanted to, but because others classes have been taken. As a result, many players never really had the intention to play in the spirit of that class, and for example dropped their medikit right at the start to make more room for explosives and ammo.
In the new system, players can now choose any such ‘specialization’ on top of their class. You can be a medic-sniper, a machinegun-wielding engineer, or even combine them to be the perfect jack of all trades support guy.

  • The new classes are: Rifleman Light, Autorifleman, Rifleman AT and Sniper
  • Under specialization in gearshop; players can buy Medikit and/or Toolkit which replaces the Medic and Engineer roles.
  • NOTE: Class related statistics will be reset. (Eg: Playtime by Class)


Improved Healing

Speaking of becoming a medic, we also improved the way Healing is working with the update. Medics can still patch themselves up to 100% on their own. However, they will heal themselves at a lower rate than others. This is mainly to help with balance to prevent medikits being an insta-pick out of self-interest mainly. Of course, you can still top yourself up infinitely, just at a lower rate, so it is more effective to have a teammate do the healing. We also adjusted healing to break the single heal animation down into a number of multiple actions, each giving a bit of health and a small reward. Patching someone up completely will still give you roughly the same reward as before.

  • Players with Medikit now initially heal up to 75%; then with 10 % increments in case of other players and with 5% increments in case of self healing.
  • Players without Medikit can heal up to 75% with First Aid Kit instantly – as before


Tame Airpower Dominance

Another big change for this update has been to bring an additional balancing variable to aircraft: Fuel consumption. We are introducing an additional fuel drain based on altitude. The rule of thumb is that if you fly high, you burn more fuel (not fully realistic, but helps with balance). This sort of forces pilots to remain closer to the ground, if they want to remain in the air and loiter for a longer time, but at the same time makes them more vulnerable to enemy fire. On the flipside, we are lifting the previous rule of no engagements above 1000m altitude. It was a near impossible to enforce rule anyways and didn’t really work well in practice.

Now, pilots will have the chance to buy safety for time (fuel). You can make a pretty safe high altitude attack or roam the area from high above hunting for vehicles, but you can only do that for a few minutes before you have to return home to refuel. Alternatively, you can take a bigger risk and stay in the area longer, terrorizing the enemy with low altitude hit and run attacks. The new fuel consumption affects everything from drone over rotary aircraft to fixed-wing vehicles, but the fuel burn rates differ quite a bit between them. Go try it out yourself and get a feeling for the new changes. We hope they mix things up a bit, reduce the chance of stalemates and bring a new dynamic and fluidity of gameplay to EUTW.

  • For rotary wing vehicles; the extra fuel consumption starts at 50m and maximizes at 500m altitude above terrain level; where approximately 5 minutes of fly time is expected with a full tank.
  • For fixed wing and VTOL vehicles; the extra fuel consumption starts at 250m and maximizes at 1500m altitude above terrain level; where approximately  5 minutes of fly time is expected with a full tank.