Dear EUTW community.

After a longer hiatus we are proud to present you the new 2.08.00 PVP Warfare update which brings the new Contact DLC weapons along with many new improvements to the mission.
We plan on further upgrades in the near future which will finally bring Livonia missions with new factions as well.

Please share your feedback or any bug reports on the forums on the following link:
[FEEDBACK] PVP Warfare 2.08.00 Update




  • Removed Objective scouting, now all objectives are visible at start.
  • Eliminated multiple types of service points. Now there’s only one type (icon+color) which can be used by any vehicle
  • Tweaked vehicleshop placement: Now players can place the vehicle with left mouse button and cancel the vehicle placement with right mouse button
  • PVP Warfare menu improvements
    • Main menu now opens with “escape” menu and it doesn’t have a separate action
    • Gearshop and vehicleshop is now available from the action menu inside HQ / Airfield
  • Fast travel is now available inside the whole inner HQ/Airfield area
  • Healing is now available from whole Airfield area (Main base healing action is still added the medical cargo house)
  • Objective and boatshop flag actions are now available in the near 2d area of the flags, which also allows the flags to be placed in elevated positions
  • Connections between owned objectives are now faction colored
  • Color coding overhaul: now all colors are unified all across the mission and it will use the player preferred faction coloring which can be set in the Arma 3 settings
    • Additionally to faction colors, players can set the following colors as well (ESC -> Configure -> Game -> Colors -> Map Tab)
      • Revive / Health system color -> “civilian” color setting
      • AI faction color -> “Empty” color setting
  • Added Map Legend which can be opened by pressing H on the main map screen. Containing basic map information
  • Locked vehicles now have also locked inventory
    • If the vehicle is locked, only the players who are inside the vehicle or the vehicle owner can access its inventory
    • Additionally, opening the inventory of a locked container will open the inventory display without accessing the locked inventory instead of just closing the inventory display
  • Added support (icons, logging, etc) for Contact DLC
  • Improved idle kick script with additional checks to kick abusively idling players


  • Disabled Thermal Imaging and laser designator on Darter and Tayran UAV. Also now they cannot track moving objects with locking the turret camera
  • Reduced price of Darter and Tayran UAV from 12000 Cr to 5000 Cr
  • Overall reduced cost for ground vehicles
    • Resupply is now exactly half the ground vehicle cost
    • Upgrade costs for camo and extra armor additions remain unchanged
  • Flag tax for vehicles upped from 30% to 100% (to partially compensate for the much reduced vehicle costs)
  • Added Olive camo for NATO vehicles on Tanoa


  • Added Contact DLC Items
  • Added ADR-97
  • PCML is no longer available on LITE layouts
  • Price adjustments for light machineguns to accommodate that assault rifles can take drum/box magazines now too
  • Adjusted machinegun ammo box pricing (considering assault rifles can equip them now, too)
  • Added M14 (Classic) to Syndikat gearshop
  • Start gear for snipers adjusted to use the new 10rnd 7.52×15 mag instead of the 20rnd ones
  • NV-scope and MRCO prices reduced slightly
  • Bergen(digi) backpack now available for Syndikat
  • Further tweaks to flag ammo box composition and prices
  • Disabled heavy AT / AA ammo boxes on lite layouts (as their launchers are disabled as well on LITE)

Bugs / Issues

  • Fixed: some of the flags were not correct on map/objective overlay on Tanoa layouts
  • Fixed: UAV locality change on connection were not reliable
  • Fixed: Gearshop didn’t highlight the compatible magazines which were configured with the new magazine wells
  • Fixed a script error in revive script
  • Fixed: players got back “shot” ownership of mines even if they joined the other team. This resulted in bonuses and teamkill penalties from mines placed on the other team
  • Fixed: Sniper was able to see and buy RPG7 rockets in the store