New layout rotation and further improvements

We have updated our layout rotation based on the issues uncovered by your continuous feedback.

We mainly based our selection on the following aspects:

  • Avoiding bottlenecks and chokepoints to minimalize stalemate scenarios.
  • Having enough cover around objectives to ensure safe spawning, trying to avoid endless spawn killing by the attacking faction.

The first batch of the selected layouts are now active on both servers and we will continue to add some additional ones as well which we think are very solid and enjoyable layouts, but need some small adjustments.

The current active rotation is the following:

  • Lakka LITE (Altis)
  • Desert Airfield  (Altis)
  • Border  (Altis)
  • Frontline  (Altis)
  • Galati  (Altis)
  • Split Decision  (Altis)
  • Kore II LITE (Altis)
  • Therisa  (Altis)
  • Blanches Road LITE (Malden)
  • Golfe Vert  (Malden)
  • Malden Control  (Malden)
  • South East  (Malden)
  • Beached Boat LITE (Tanoa)
  • Meth Lab LITE (Tanoa)
  • Bunker Hill LITE (Tanoa)
  • Industrial Port  (Tanoa)
  • Lijnhaven LITE (Tanoa)
  • Narcos Island LITE (Tanoa)

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