Launching a brand new stats page

We proudly present our improved statistics page, which has been worked on by our community member Mik with the help of EUTW member Benjamin.

Check out the new stats page: 

The page formerly known as "Stats for donators" is now part of this webpage as well and can be found under "Sessions". During the beta stage of development this page will be Donator exclusive, but after the beta period, we will make it available for everyone.

If you are already a donator, make sure you check out the new page. Also, don't forget to share your feedback on the forums.
If you are not a donator, but you want to support us and also gain access to the beta version of the game statistics & replay page, visit for further instructions.


  • Fully reworked status page with new server banners.
  • Sessions page [Donator Exclusive during beta]
    • Replay and statistics of each round
      • Replay of all player and vehicle movements.
      • Markers placed
      • Track other players and see their in-game performance
      • Player chat (Coming Soon™)
    • Individual statistics
      • Browse your own personal performance

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