2.07.01, New community layouts, Road to 2.08

PVP Warfare 2.07.01

We have released a minor update for PVP Warfare (2.07.01 changelog) which includes several bugfixes and some gearshop changes, but most importantly the "early bird" bonus, which gives an additional 50 Cr/minute money reward for the players who are willing to join a server with low player count.
Further encouraging this, we have raised the player number threshold for our idle kick system to trigger from 5 to 10 players. Additionally, the standard income (250Cr/min) is now given if there is at least 1 player joined on both teams.

We are hoping it will raise our community's motivation to populate empty/low population servers. We are aware that populating empty servers became an issue, so we will keep looking at this topic and introduce further changes if needed.

New Community Layouts

On Server #4, there is a new community layout rotation, including Danrik's rework of our classical layouts. Some of you might be familiar with layouts like Galati and Negades Bay (just to mention some of them). Now thanks to Danrik, you can revisit these nostalgic battlegrounds.


Road to 2.08.00

Back in July, we mentioned our plans for our next major update. Since then, we have successfully deployed a system to collect data for our upcoming balance system and we have started to develop towards the new features.

As for readability improvements, we have identified the review of the colors used in PVP Warfare as a necessary step to advance forward and make the gameplay easily understandable for our players.
We also plan to guide new players trough the mission by new and useful contextual hints, make the map more simple to read by clearly visualizing attackable and defendable objectives and also showing  where the player can spawn while the fast travel map is opened. As always, your feedback is appreciated, let us know what would you change in terms of making the players understand the core mechanics of the mission. 

We are also preparing our mission for the upcoming Laws of War DLC (to be released on September 7th). We try to include as much new assets as possible, but expect that there will be some which won't be used in PVP Warfare.

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