PVP Warfare 2.07.03 - Vehicle loadouts, LITE improvements

Vehicle loadouts

We have just released a minor update with some major improvements.
Laws Of War DLC brought the new cluster bombs to the game, se we decided it is the correct time to implement our next step for dynamic loadout supported vehicles - loadout selector.
Now you can select your desired loadout for the pylon loadout supported vehicles from pre-configured presets.


Do not worry, the ability to fully customize your vehicle loadout is still planned and will come in later stages of development.

LITE improvements

Another major improvement is affecting LITE layouts. As the vehicles in these scenarios was already getting a +100% price increase to shift the focus more towards infantry combat, we have added a +100% price increase on anti-tank launchers and ammunition as well to slightly increase the hard earned vehicles' survivability on LITE layouts.

For the full changelog, the full list of the new vehicle loadouts and to provide feedback, visit our 2.07.03 Discussion thread.