Season 1 - TOP 8 Community layout vote

Since the release of the Layout Editor we have received over 60 layouts from you. First of all, we want to thank you all for your time and work put into these submissions.
We've decided that it is time to bring the best layouts to our regular servers' rotation and close down this time period as Season 1.

As always - you decide! Which ones should be played on the regular servers? All the layouts which got voted into the community server rotation - including the most popular ones which have won in the post vote - can be found and voted here.

As for the Tanoa layouts: as there were a rather few submissions for this map, all these layouts will be automatically put on the servers

At the end of the vote, we will aim to put together balanced (lite/regular) mix of missions, keeping the best and retiring the least decent ones of our classic layouts.

End of Season 1 also means that Season 2 is right at our doorstep. After a longer break - as usual - you can now vote for the upcoming layouts.
In the meantime, we will be running a small selection of layouts from the ones which didn't make it to the community server, but definitely worth a try. You can play them on Server #4.