PVP Warfare Status report

After long testing and iterating, the development of EUTW PVP Warfare 2.07.00 is now finished, which let's us focus on the upcoming improvements and features to the mission.

In our next version, one of our main focuses is improving the spawn system, giving players more control over where they spawn around an objective which will allow for a more tactical defense of an objective, reducing the frustration caused by the fully random spawns.

We are also planning to make our game mechanics - including the newly designed spawn system - to be more readable and understandable for new players for a more welcoming experience.

Our other priority is the long overdue team balancing system.  Our plan is to collect additional data from the played sessions to let us more effectively detect team imbalances before actually deploying the team balance system. This will hopefully provide a smooth release for this feature with less major changes during the test period.

In January, we've set up quarterly donation goals for 2017 in order to finance our server infrastructure. So far, we've are halfway trough Q4 with donations and we cannot express how glad we are with the contribution of our community. Thank you very much for helping us finance the servers!

Talking about community contribution, one of our newest feature in 2.07.00 - Timestamps for markers - was actually written by our community member, S3Savage. We are very thankful for his contribution. As you may know, we are currently having only one active scripter, which caused a slower development process for the mission than we've had in the past, so help from the community like this is very welcome.

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