EUTW PVP Warfare 2.06.00 Dev Test

New APEX content is now available in the mission! We introduce new subfaction, which include but are not limited to: 'UK Pacific', 'US Pacific', 'CSAT China Pacific' and 'CSAT Iran'.

All new sub factions have differnt default gear and often unique shop items, such as new weapons.

For example: The 'CSAT China Pacific' does not have the Katiba variants or Zafir, but the 'CSAT Iran' does.

As there are so many new changes in the shop and because of the sub factions, we are not going to make a complete changelog for that.

Please be aware that this an early build of our mission and bugs are to be expected!


New Gear

  • Weapons:

    • SPAR-16 5.56mm for 500Cr
    • SPAR-16 GL 5.56mm for 2500Cr
    • SPAR-16S 5.56mm for 6000Cr
    • CAR-95 5.8 mm for 3700Cr
    • CAR-95 GL 5.8 mm for 7200Cr
    • Type 115 .50 BW for 11000Cr (HEX or G-HEX for 13000Cr)
    • AK12 7.62x39 for 3200Cr
    • AK12 GL 7.62x39 for 4500Cr
    • AKM 7.62x39 for 450Cr
    • AKS74U 5.54x39 for 400Cr
    • SPAR-17 7.62mm for 7000Cr (Khaki or Sand for 7700Cr)
    • CMR-76 6.5mm for 5300Cr (HEX or G-HEX for 5800Cr)
    • LIM-85 5.56 mm for 8200Cr
    • CAR-95-1 5.8 mm for 5200Cr
    • Protector 9mm for 1500Cr
    • New Titan AA, AT and RPG Camo Variants
  • Attachments:

    • New variants of the Bipod and Optics for same price
    • ERCO for 4500Cr
  • Facewear, Headgear, Uniforms & Backpacks:

    • New variants of the default Uniforms & Headgear
    • Stealth Balaclava for 1500Cr
    • Stealth Fatigues CTRG for 8200Cr (Short for 6100Cr and Tee for 4100Cr)
    • Full Ghillie Jungle for 8300Cr
    • Special Purpose Suit for 15000Cr
    • Viper Helmet for 35000Cr
    • ENVG-II for 26000Cr
    • Stealth Combat Helmet for 2500Cr

New layouts on Tanoa:

  • LITE

    • Yanukka Line (by void)
    • Georgetown (by void)
    • Harcourt Diamond (by Michael McCloud)
  • Normal

    • Tanouka (by Xodius)

New Vehicles
Note: Due subfaction introduction certain camos are no longer available for certain vehicles.

  • Y-32 Xi'an (Infantry) for 41500Cr
  • Y-32 Xi'an (Vehicle) for 43000Cr
  • Blackfish (Infantry) for 12000Cr
  • Blackfish (Vehicle) for 13500Cr
  • Blackfish (Armed) for 22500Cr
  • Prowler (Unarmed) for 1100Cr
  • Prowler (Armed) for 3800Cr
  • Quilin (Unarmed) for 1200Cr
  • Quilin (Armed) for 3200r