PVP Warfare Layout Editor Release

The time has come. We've finally released the Layout Editor, which allows our community to take layout creating into their own hands.

For those who haven't been following us lately or haven't seen Xodius's live steam:
The Layout Editor is an addon for Arma 3, which modifies the 3DEN Editor's functionality in a way that it provides an easy and straightforward way to create missions for PVP Warfare.

You can Subscribe to the addon on its Steam Workshop page.

For questions, bug reports and new layout submissions, use our dedicated forum topic.

Make sure you read our Guidelines and Rules.

We are very excited about the upcoming community layouts, the refreshment which the new battlefields will bring.

We plan to dedicate at least one servers to run only the layouts made by our community in the upcoming weeks. Eventually, some of those will be put into our general rotation.