Squad Server

As our community gets larger, so does our need to expand into other territories. A game that we identified early on to expand out is Squad. 

Squad describes itself in the following quote from their website:

"Squad is an online, team-based military experience where high levels ofteamwork and communication are crucial to success.

Built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4, Squad pits teams of up to 50 people against each other in intense modern day combined-arms combat scenarios. In this realistic environment, the flow of the game is dictated by the players, with organic and emergent gameplay reigning supreme."

There are quite a few similarities between what we've achieved with PVP Warfare and inspirations we've taken along the way from mods like "Project Reality". The Offworld folks have gone on to recreate something in the core gameplay which resonates with us. Even more impressive is their ability to do this in early access. 

That said, we'll be experimenting with a squad server on and off for the next few weeks. 

When the server is up, it  will be called "EUTW.net Tactical Warfare EU 1 / IP: DNS: squad1.eutw.net

Let us know your thoughts on the forums.