EUTW PVP Warfare 2.03.00 Released

Yesterday marked the release of EUTW PVP Warfare 2.03.00 update which brings a massive host of changes to classes, fast travel, economy, and improvements to the EUTW Core.

Please let us know your thoughts on THE FORUMS.


Rework of Classes
15x Rifleman
5x Engineer
5x Sniper
5x Medic

The decision which includes the following Weapon and Item Restriction, have been made due the fact that the current system does not work very well when we look at the overall team cohesion factor.

The Situation:
If you were a lone wolf, you most likely played as Medic as this is the only class to heal himself back to 100% health. This means you could buy High Powered Rifles, but also use every Rocket Launcher. Therefor it was the Rambo-class.
Our observations while playing confirm that.

Recon Demo Specialist overlapped with Engineer as they both can disarm explosives. Recon Demo had the only advantage to use small caliber silencers (6.5mm and 5.56mm). 
Engineer overlapped with Repair Specialist as they both can repair vehicles.

With this change we aim to give every class a certain range of functionality back, but also not to limit the classes to strongly. These changes just felt right.

The reduction of class numbers was chosen due readability.The restrictions and limitations, but also the strength of each class become more apparent and logical than they were before.

Removal of the Mar-10 and Cyrus for all except Sniper has been made due the fact that both are a light weight weapon which can be abused to play in short range but also up to 500 meters distance. To compensate for this restriction, we increased the number of sniper slots.

The different number of classes has been made to ensure that with a squad of six players, you can have a sniper, engineer and medic including 3x Rifleman.

New Class Weapon and Item Restriction


  • Only access to standard Assault Rifles and SMGs
  • Only access to PCML Launcher - can buy Titan AA/AT and PCML Rockets
  • Only access to small power scopes up to MRCO, RCO and ARCO
  • Has still access to Nightstaker and TWS MG
  • Only Class which can revive and heal players up to 100%. 

    He is the "Healer".


  • Only access to standard Assault Rifles and SMGs
  • Only access to PCML Launcher - can buy Titan AA/AT and PCML Rockets
  • Only access to small power scopes up to MRCO, RCO and ARCO
  • Has still access to Nightstaker and TWS MG
  • Only Class which can use the Mine Detector
  • Only Class which can repair vehicles and defuse explosives. 

    He is the "Tool Guy".


  • Only access to Marksman and Sniper Rifles. No Assault Rifles (except the starting gear), SMGs and L/MGs
  • No access to Launchers whatsoever
  • Only access to high power scopes, start with MOS, DMS and upwards
  • Has still access to Nightstaker and TWS
  • Access to all Silencers
  • Only Class which can shoot from far away. 

    He is the "Scout".


  • Only access to standard Assault Rifles, Marksman Rifles (except Mar-10 and Cyrus), SMGs and L/MGs
  • Has access to all Launchers
  • Only access to small power scopes up to MRCO, RCO and ARCO
  • Has still access to Nightstaker and TWS MG
  • Class with the greatest diversity of weapons. 

    He is the "Fighter".

Fast Travel from Flag, MHQ and HQ to Flag, MHQ and HQ

  • New mechanic allows to fast travel from Flags which have 100/100 Points to MHQs, other Flags (75/100 Points) and HQ. This also works from MHQ and HQ to Flags (75/100 Points), HQ and MHQ.
  • After using respawn or the new Fast Travel mechanic, the Fast Travel has a cooldown time of 60 seconds before it can be used again


  • Added Remote Designator Bags to NATO and CSAT for 3000Cr
  • Reduced price of Mine Detector to 3000Cr
  • Removed Steerable Parachutes as the Helicopters do have a Parachute option implemented
  • Reduced price for AR-2 Darter & AR-2 Tayran Backpack to 4500Cr and for AR-2 Darter & AR-2 Tayran at the flag to 6000Cr
  • Removed M-900 Helicopter from NATO shop. Problem was that it was classified as Civilian and thus a kill has been counted as -1
  • Reduced MH-9 Hummingbird price to 8000Cr
  • Reduced UAV Greyhawk/Ababil (CAS) drone price to 13500Cr
  • Increased price of MRCO, ARCO and RCO to 5500Cr
  • Increased price of all Bipods to 3500Cr
  • Increased price of NVS scope to 5500Cr
  • Reduced price of silencer 6.5mm and 5.56mm to 3500Cr
  • Reduced price of silencer 7.62mm to 6500Cr
  • Added Refuel Truck to the flagshop for 1500Cr
  • CSAT: Switched Tempest Transport and Fuel Truck at the flags to Zamak models instead - Tempest can still be bought in the HQ
  • Increase of 40mm HE Grenade from 250Cr to 300Cr
  • Added MAR-10 (Camo) variant to NATO Sniper Shop for 17800Cr
  • Reduced Price of FV-720 Mora to 12200Cr
  • Increased Price of AFV-4 Gorgon to 15300Cr


  • When buying a new weapon, instead of the old weapon getting deleted, it will now be dropped onto the ground. If the player is inside a vehicle while purchase, it will be dropped inside the cargo space of the vehicle
  • When picking up a restricted weapon or item, it will no longer be deleted but rather put back onto the cargo the player has taken it. Due scripting limitations all attachments are getting removed and put back into the cargo space individually
  • When picking up a allowed weapon but with restricted attachments attached, the attachments which are not allowed will be put back to the cargo space from which the player has taken it
  • It is no longer possible to place markers on the global and command channel
  • The lift radius and height for helicopter lifting has been increased to 15 metres - it is now easier to lift vehicles
  • The lift feature is now only operable by the pilot
  • Removal of the unflip feature due its current broken state
  • Static weapon (Mortar, HMG), UAV data is now saved, so they cannot be exploited anymore
  • Increased rearm price for MQ4A Greyhawk (CAS) and K40 Ababil-3 (CAS) to 4000Cr
  • Increased respawn threshold of a owned flag from 51/100 to 75/100
  • Increase respawn time to 60 seconds
  • When the player waits for revive, the respawn timer is already counting down. When the player decides to respawn after 40 seconds revive time waiting, he only needs to wait 20 additional seconds in the respawn screen
  • Increased the flag capture tick-time to 15 seconds


  • Changed start optic for Sniper class to MOS
  • New Rifleman class starts with normal variant of MX, Katiba and MK20
  • New Rifleman class starts without backpack
  • Removed Laser Designator from MQ4A Greyhawk (CAS), K40 Ababil-3 (CAS), AR-2 Darter and AR-2 Tayran

Bug Fixes

  • Re-flare feature was broken for a small range of helicopters
  • Mag repack: Temporary magazine listing method, as the original one is not working in
    Arma 3 v1.48 (
  • Mag Repack: Players were able to repack some tracer rounds to non tracer ones (E.G: MX magazines)
  • Mag Repack: Some of the Machinegun magazines took too much time to repack compared to other MG mags
  • Mag Repack: When the player got killed while repacking, the magazines in the Mag Repack screen got lost for the player
  • After Buying a new weapon which does not have single fire mode and a rocket launcher, entering and leaving a vehicle made the player switch to his rocket launcher instead of primary weapon. Player got stuck in a loop when trying to switch back to primary weapon
  • When assembling a UAV Quadcopter and immediate reconnect would dupe the backpack
  • When fast travel to a position where no position was found (player returns to last known position), the cooldown timer did still start - now it will no start anymore when reset to old position