EUTW PVP Warfare v.2.02.00 Released

Today with Arma 3 update to v1.44 we are also releasing our 2.02.00 patch onto all servers.




  • Attack/Defend bonus rework: When you attack/defend a flag, you will now get 20Cr for each point you tick down/up from the flag.
  • Increase/Reduce of capture bonus: When your team has captured a flag, eveyone is getting 500Cr bonus instead of 2500Cr in the capture radius and 250Cr outside of the capture radius.
  • Removed old Group Management system and replaced it by BIS built in system.
  • Update rate for the flag has been set to 12 seconds and one player is counted as 1 point inside the flag radius (up to 4 players). This means that you get a faster update on the flag than it was before.
  • When attacking a enemy flag, which is connected to one of yours, you will get now 80Cr kill bonus when killing an enemy inside the capture area.
  • When defending a flag, you will receive 150Cr when killing an enemy inside the capture radius.
  • For each 20 points the player ticks up or down, he will receive 1 score point.


  • Increased Prices of MAR-10 and Cyrus to 14500Cr for the entry level weapons.
  • Increased Prices of Mar-10 and Cyrus Magazines to 610Cr.
  • Increased Prices of 7.62mm 20Rnd Magazines to 500Cr.
  • Increased Prices of 7.62mm 10Rnd Magazines to 240Cr.
  • Increased Prices of AMS and Khalia to 13500Cr
  • Decreased Price of LRPS to 8000Cr.
  • Increased Price of MOS to 11500Cr.
  • Increased Price of DMS to 12800.
  • Decreased Price of Vermin SMG to 4000Cr
  • Decreased Price of PDW2000 and Sting SMG to 3500Cr
  • Added 30Rnd Red Tracer Magazines for Vermin
  • Added Vermin SMG to NATO and removed it from CSAT. Now the correct side has the Vermin.
  • Added Sting SMG to CSAT and removed it from NATO. Now the correct side has the Sting.
  • Added Arid/Lush and Semi-Arid Ghillie Suites for 15200Cr. Only purchaseable by the sniper class.
  • Added Uniforms for all other factions and classes.
  • Added new Helmets to all factions.
  • Added Vests to all factions.
  • Added all Silencers for purchase by the sniper class.


  • North-East I/II and III minor changes done by baZti

New Features

  • Money and Gear Save Script (WIP). Your money and gear will now be saved on the server and will be available when you reconnect again.
  • Your money and gear will only be available on the side you played on and will not be moved to another faction side, but will be reseted if the player changes sides.
  • On each mission end the whole gear and money saves will be reseted for the next round.