Server Update and EUTW PVP Warfare 2.00.28 Release

Over the past week, we have been performing a lot of deployments. A new dedicated server to replace our aging unit from 2 years ago which will be used to host Servers 1 - 3. We expect to have some hiccups here and there, so please help us be reporting any issues on the forums.

In addition to the new server, we have also deployed a new update v.2.00.28 which is our first since late last year.  Now the work will begin on 2.00.29 which will be a focus on bug fixing, rewrites, and more cleanup of legacy code.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

EUTW PVP Warfare v.2.00.28 Update Notes


  • Fixed a exploit which allowed Titan/PCML/RPG Rockets (and basically any other gear) to be duped.


  • Fixed a bug where Sniper and Recon Demo Specialist Class lost their magazines.
  • HOTFIX: Camerashaking sometimes occured without stopping. (camerashake is disabled until it's patched)
  • Fixed: Custom Building Map Marker script cluttered map with unnecessary markers.
  • Fixed: Service Points (SP) should now work and not leave an addaction on the vehicle, even when it has left the SP.
  • Fixed the black icons in the vehicle shop and mag repack script, which bug came with 1.40 update and also fixed the black icons in the "vehicle crew" HUD
  • Fixed Missing Taru and Huron transport bonus
  • Fixed: When you pushed any buttons while getting revived, you were stuck on the floor and invincible. As soon as you respawned all your gear was gone.


  • WEST II: Fixed a bug when you bought something at Stadium, the ammobox could have spawned below the field.
  • SOUTH: Shifted the service points at the south airport.
  • NORTH EAST II: Shifted (8) Outpost 100 metres south to the hotel. Renamed it to (8) Ghost Hotel.
  • New Layout: Stratis I by -[EUTW]- void
  • New Layout: Stratis II by -[EUTW]- jrog
  • New Layout: North-East III by baZti


  • Sniper Ammunition is now buyable for all factions. (So you can support your sniper colleague).
  • Player which only bought the helicopter DLC are now able to buy the new helicopters in the shop.
  • M-900 helicopter has been added to BLUFOR. To compensate the price raise of the Hummingbird (2.00.27)

New Features

  • Parachute System: You can now buy parachutes for 300Cr in the helicopter as passenger. (How to use the parachute system).
    • The pilot needs to activate the Parachutes in order to give the passengers the ability to eject with a parachute
    • The pilot gets only 1/3 of the transportation bonus if passengers use the parachute to exit the vehicle - making parachuting less lucrative than the landing the helicopter to deplay troops.
    • The pilot also gets 100cr from each parachute purchased by a player
  • Group Bonus System: If you join a group, you get now 10% more money with each bonus you receive.
  • CRTG BLUFOR Uniforms: Blufor got a new, darker uniform.
  • Incoming Missle Warning: If an enemy has launched a locked missile at your ground vehicle, you get a warning signal like the helicopters do.
  • HQ Protection: Rockets/missiles, Tank shells, Bombs and Mortar fire will now be deleted when entering the HQ protection zone.
    • Extended the inner circle (colored) to the whole base area, which prevents players from shooting any weapons inside (black no mortar/mines area removed)
    • Note: attacking the enemy HQ is still against the rules and result in a ban.


  • Changed MHQ inventory to reflect the faction specific helicopters' inventory. Which is:
    • 10x First Aid Kit
    • 10x Smoke Grenade
    • 10x Flare Round
    • 10x Chemlight
    • 10x IR grenade


  • Updated HQ billboard to reflect the server changes.
  • Optimized Vehicle Spawning at HQ. (avoiding helicopter rotors colliding with other objects)
  • Added shadow to the Vehicle Crew hud to make it easier to see on the screen.
  • Changed the alignment of the Tips (which shows on respawn screen) to left.
  • Fixed the incorrect spelling of "Funds" in the gear shop.
  • Additional updates on the general server information page and diary entries.