New website and servers are live!

EUTW Logo Dark

Today is a new era in EUTW with a brand new website, new server (and another on the way to replace our old one running Servers 1-3), and an all new logo.

EUTW has been in existence for about 2 years now and we're showing no sign of slowing down. Our goal is to continue to build a community that loves games and are willing to be part of the journey we have taken with our PVP Warfare missions. We extend a special thanks to TeeTime who created the basis for what was to become EUTW PVP Warfare.

Now is a great opportunity to extend our gratitude to everyone who has been there with us on this journey in the past, present, and those who we are still yet to reach. 

We have more announcements coming in the very near future which will expand the reach of our PVP Warfare missions to a brand new audience.

We'll have more updates very soon.