PVP Warfare 2.04.03, New CBA, Special Operations, and Videos of the Week

It's been a little while since we did an update, so I thought we'd take the opportunity to cram a whole load of great things into one pot!

PVP Warfare 2.04.XX

Since the release of 2.04.00 we have seen 3 updates happen in that time until now. I thought i'd post the updates here from .00 to the current .03.

Feel free to join us on the forums for further discussion of these changes.

Version 2.04.03


  • Increased the price for Static HMG Backpack from 3000Cr to 4500Cr and now it is only available for AAF

AIs on flag

  • Increased AI groups spawning on flags from 1 to 2 (6 AIs on each flag) Reverted
  • Decreased AI skill
  • Added AI class randomization. Each group can contain the following classes:
    • 1.slot: Rifleman, Autorifleman, Officer
    • 2.slot: Medic, Grenadier, Marksman
    • 3.slot: Rifleman(AT)
  • Neutral flags will now spawn AIs with Randomized Guerrilla gear.
    • Weapon pool: Any SMG, Any variation of TRG rifles (including GL), Mk14
    • Flashlight attachments (if available on the weapon)
    • One Neutral AI per group has RPG42
    • Neutral flags are always colored brown instead of the color of the third main faction


  • Fixed the underlying issue which caused armed MRAPs to spawn with default cargo content
  • Players were able to drive MHQs into water, MHQs are now getting automatically destroyed 2.5 meters below water level
  • An attempt to fix Stratis spawn/gear issues
  • Increased cleanup timer on dropped items from 1 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Added wreck cleaner script which deletes wrecks and craters on bases and airfields

Version 2.04.02


  • Lowered price for Static HMG Backpack from 8000Cr to 3000Cr
  • Lowered price for PCML launcher from 2500Cr to 2000Cr
  • Lowered price for PCML AT Ammo from 2500Cr to 2000Cr
  • Lowered price for RPG42 launcher from 2250Cr to 1750Cr
  • Lowered price for RPG42 AT Ammo from 2250Cr to 1750Cr
  • Lowered price for Titan AT Launcher from 6000Cr to 4200Cr
  • Lowered price for Titan AA Launcher from 6000Cr to 4000Cr
  • Increased price for MXM from 2000Cr to 4000Cr
  • Increased price for Navid Ammo from 1800Cr to 2500Cr
  • Increased price for SPGM Ammo from 1500Cr to 2100CCr
  • Increased price for Pawnee from 17500Cr to 20250Cr
  • Increased price for Strider HMG from 5000Cr to 6000Cr
  • Increased Strider from 1450 to 2000Cr
  • Enabled Thermal Imaging on Strider
  • Removed Quadbike from flag shop


  • Added Fast travel cooldown on player connection, removing an exploit when players could disconnect and reconnect to instantly fast travel.
  • Added spawn protection on static weapons.
  • Added 300Cr rearm price for unarmed Ifrit and Strider, so it is now possible to rearm the Smoke Launcher on these vehicles.
  • Fixed Service Points on Peninsula Layout.
  • Fixed missing connections on Peninsula Layout.
  • Fixed several issues with Service Points. Repair time changed to 60 and now you will get fully repaired when the timer hits 0 (not incremental anymore).
  • Fixed: The service point actions got removed from the UAV drone if the controlling player changed position.
  • Fixed: There was a slight chance that the service point actions stayed on the vehicle even after leaving the service point area.
  • Fixed an issue when some HUD elements could disappear overtime. Often happened with Health HUD, which should be also fixed.

Version 2.04.01


  • Increased vehicleshop listbox text size, adjusted the scrollbar and price column.
  • Fixed: Taru Plain Loadmaster had the parachute menu although he cannot eject.
  • Blocked an action which in some circumstances could crash the server

New CBA Version

Our friends over at the CBA Team have released a new version of their add-on. The issue that we face right now is with several different online services that automatically update this software on the fly which causes issues for them to connect. 

The most unfortunate part is that we can't update to these new versions without restarting the servers. EUTW recommends that you disable these automatic updates unless BIS comes up with a universal solution for everyone.

The latest version can be found here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767

Special Operations Update

Our recently born Special Operations division just completed their 12th weekly event mission this past Sunday. They currently have about 30 active players on average every weekend and it's been steadily growing.

If you'd like to learn more about EUTW Special Operations, head on over to the Special Operations Webpage for more info.

Video(s) of the Week

It's been some time since we did an update for Video of the Week, so here's several Video(s) to fill that void from the last month.

Elvis_FIN continues his hilarious moments of Gameplay.

The highly coordinated TOK kicks some ass in Kavala.

Top killer and resident Russian, Hazardous Mouse, being his usual self.