Basic Gameplay

Our mod is targeted at a few different types of players:

  • Players who want to run solo
  • Players who want to run with a random group
  • Players who want to run with an organized group

Remember that the core gameplay is about teamwork regardless of how you want to play.

The information below will assist you in understanding some of the core mechanics in our mod.


Strategic Capture Points

An Unscouted Capture Zone

Each of the 24 missions contains a unique set of capture points that are strung together to create a strategic web network.

At the beginning of the game, teams must capture points that are connected to any of the pre-captured points on the map and continue on down the lines until all points are captured.

Each capture point has a total of 100 points and will tick down faster the more teammates that are located inside the capture zone. The maximum number of people that can influence a capture point is 4. Having more inside the capture radius will only serve as insurance if a teammate is killed. Also note that enemies that are also contesting the point will affect you maximum ability to capture that point, so it’s best to seek out and remove the remaining threats.


Scouting and Capturing Points

Capture points on the map range into 3 colors:

  1. Black = Unscouted
  2. Brown = Guerilla
  3. RedBlue, or Green = Corresponds to the team that owns it either pre-captured or scouted

Before a point can be owned by your team, your must capture it first. In order to do so, you must be standing inside the radius indicator that surrounds the flag which we refer to as a “Capture Zone”.

The more of your teammates that stand inside the capture zone, the faster the capture points will tick down and ultimately become owned by your team. Note that only a maximum of 4 people on your team can affect the capture. Having more is simply insurance in the case one of your teammates are killed.

Capture zones that have an even number of players from both teams will hold at the last tick number.

If you have died inside the capture zone and are awaiting revival, your presence will not affect the capture speed unless you are revived.


Capture Speed Influence

A single player inside an enemy capture zone will influence the point tick down at a rate of 5 points every 40 seconds for a single person in the zone

Only 4 players are taken into consideration per side while inside a capture point, so the objective can be taken 20 points / tick (40s) maximum.

Additionally you now need to remove the opposition forces inside the Capture circle to less than 4 (or your own number if lower than 4) in order to have the progress move in either direction.

Dead enemies and AI are not included in the capture influence. Players that have been revived will continue to contribute once they are back up.


Team Headquarters

OpFor HQ Zone

Each team has an HQ which is indicated on the map by two hashed circular areas that say “HQ”.

This is a safe zone for you and your team to strategize, purchase items/vehicles at the store, rearm, and mobilize.

At your HQ you have two free vehicles which are called MHQ’s or Mobile Headquarters. These vehicles can be driven to a point on the map to allow players to spawn. Please refer to the section on MHQ’s for more information. Players can also buy additional MIPs vehicles that act as mobile spawnpoints.

Note that the full compliment of weapons, items, and vehicles are located here and currently cannot be accessed from anywhere else on the map.


Making Money

To learn more about the economy and how you make money in the game, please visit the Currency page


Respawning After Death

If you have died and are in the spawn selection map, you will be able to spawn directly at either of the following:

  • Strategic Capture Points providing that the point has at least 75 of 100 tick points in your teams color
    • Spawning at the flag itself will place you at a random location ~100+ Meters away from the center flagpoint itself
  • At a MHQ (Mobile Headquarters) Each team has a maximum of 2 free Mobile Headquarters (Alpha/Bravo) at any time


Fast Travel

You can Fast Travel from the flag at:

You can Fast Travelto:

If the layout features Jets, then you can Fast Travel to and from Team Headquarters to the Airport where you can purchase and takeoff with the jet.

When spawning or teleporting there is a 60 second cooldown before you can Fast Travel again.



Map showing the entire South-East Mission

The map can be used for a number of things from navigating, updating friendly and spotted enemy positions, flagging personal waypoints, and giving squad command orders.

To give yourself a single waypoint – Find the location on the map you want to mark. Hold down the “Shift” key and “Left Click” to mark the point. You will then have a distance indicator on your first-person HUD to the marked location. It can be deleted by placing the cursor over it and pressing the “Delete” key.

Double clicking on a spot on the map will put down a marker and label it. Pressing the “Up” or “Down” arrow keys will cycle through the available marker symbols. Holding the “Shift” key and pressing “Up” or “Down” keys will cycle the color of the marker you are placing.

It’s recommended practice to note the time that you placed the marker in the lavel. Current time is displayed top right when on the map.

With the “Show to” dropdown you can determine who can see the marker.

  • Side Channel = Your Team
  • Group Channel = Your Squad
  • Vehicle Channel = If not in a vehicle then only yourself. If in a vehicle then all passengers

Placing markers can be useful for helping communicate enemy positions to your teammates or signaling an action to suggest they take such as attacking or defending.

Markers placed yourself and others can be deleted by placing the cursor over it and pressing the “Delete” key. Be sure to verify with your team that a marker has been resolved before deleting it.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness during a mission is key to winning regardless of your playstyle.

Utilize the map and communication tools to see where all your teams equipment and teammates are at to assist you in making better choices as to where you should move next.


Death & Reviving Teammates

Death can be caused by a number of things:

  • Killed by another player or player controlled vehicle
  • Killed by AI
  • Killed by environment (Falling, fire, vehicle collision, proximity to primary or secondary explosions, etc…)

After you are incapacitated, you have two options.

  • Wait for someone to revive you. In the upper-right corner you will see a timer that has two timers. The first is a 60sec timer that indicates how long you will have to wait before you can respawn at a location. The second is a 240 second timer that indicates how long until you completely bleed out and are forced to respawn. Below that is the name of a teammate who is close to you alongside his distance away.
  • Hit the “Respawn” button (or press SPACEBAR), then when the timer reaches 180 or below you can redeploy at your HQ, an MHQ, or a captured point from the spawn selection map.
  • If you do nothing then you will automatically redeploy at your HQ when the timer reaches zero.

Reviving and Moving Downed Teammates

Anyone can revive a downed teammate by proceeding to their marked location, scrolling your mousewheel to open the action menu, and selecting the “First Aid” option.

In addition to reviving teammates, you also have options in the action menu to drag them to a safe location for revival there.

ProTip: Throwing smoke can be a valid tactic in concealing movements into open areas and rescue a fallen teammate.

Voice Communications

We currently have two options for voice communications:

  • In-Game VOIP

The most commonly used among most players is the In-Game VOIP. Due to the fact that we have many different nationalities that play on our servers, we ask that you speak English on all of the open broadcast channels (Side and Command). Please reserve speaking in your native language to Group and Direct Channels.

The In-Game VOIP has several channels which can be used for communications. To speak in a channel the default key is “Caps Lock” for push to talk. You can change the broadcast channel by pressing the “.” and “,”keys.

Some like to use voice activation by pressing the “Caps Lock” key twice in succession. We highly recommend you disable the voice activation command to prevent accidental use and annoying your teammates.

Below is a brief description of each of those channels:

  • Global Channel
    • This channel is completely blocked and cannot be used for VOIP
  • Side Channel
    • This channel is completely blocked and cannot be used for VOIP
  • Command Channel
    • Command channel will only broadcast to those who are squad leaders. Nobody else will not be able to hear this channel
  • Vehicle Channel
    • Vehicle Channel will communicate with those in your vehicle only
  • Group Channel
    • Group Channel will only communicate with those in your squad
  • Direct Channel
    • Direct Channel will only communicate with those in your immediate vicinity

Remember that the enemy team can hear you when you speak in ANY of these channels if they are in your immediate area. So be aware of how and when you openly communicate as to not give your position away.

Game Dynamics

EUTW CTI Warfare has enabled what we refer to as “Strategic Mode”. When we talk about this, we are referring to the fact that capture points cannot be taken in any order the team wants.

Like most games with strategic elements, this breaks down into the following three sections:

Early Game

The early game in our mod is typically defined in the first 30 to 60 minutes of the mission. This is a wide span which can be due to a number of factors including the number of capture points, size of the mission, and human error that can occur at the beginning. Early game length is typically defined up until all the capture points have been taken by both teams.

It should be noted that we adjusted the initial economy values at the start of the game, so that helicopters cannot be used to mobilize teams at the very start. Instead, the focus is on the mobilization of the MHQ’s to allow some time for teams to discuss their initial capture strategy and placement of the MHQ’s. This initial push can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes.

While the early game rarely dictates the final outcome, it can help to put your team at an advantage quickly if executed properly.

Mid Game

Mid game traditionally begins once all the points have been captured and the initial economy has been established. At this point you will start seeing more medium and heavy armored vehicles as well as light attack helicopters. In some cases, you may see heavy attack helicopters as well.

How long the mid game will last is a variable that cannot be timed with a specific level of accuracy. A typical game in one of our missions takes on average 3 hours to complete, but we have seen games go well over that average by about an hour or two in some rare cases.

The mid to late-mid game will see heavy armored and heavy attack helicopters start to show in the game as well. This can sometimes happen much earlier depending on the discipline of the team in terms of points owned, points captured, and kills made.

We can typically see games shift between mid and late game several times over the course of a game as it edges up to the final push and if the losing team is effective in fending off the onslaught of the team with a much larger economy.


Over the course of a mission, you may see a potential end come several times and see the opposing team break out of it. In some cases we may see the weaker team pushing back and recover to a point where we enter a second mid game. Although, the timing in a second mid-game may end up being shorter and the team pushed back into late game again. This is dependent on a lot of factors.

The true late game will see a massive variation of infantry and vehicles on the map focusing on a single point to close the game out and win the mission. Once we enter a late-late game position this can take anywhere from around 5 to 20 minutes to complete.

There is also a “Sudden Death” mechanic that has been put in place for 2.05 where if there is a single point remaining for a period of 10 minutes, the mission will enter sudden death where that point will tick down at a rate of 1 point every 5 seconds unless another point is captured.