Change Logs

Below is a list of the changes we’ve made to the mission.

Version 2.07.04

– Features –

Players now can reset the jet planes’ canopy and seat after an ejection.
They either need to be inside the airfield area or need to be an engineer with an equipped toolkit.

Added an intro text at the beginning of the mission which shows layout name, date, time and the world name.

Locking a vehicle now locks the vehicle inventory as well.

If the vehicle is locked, only the players who are inside the vehicle or the vehicle owner can access its inventory.

Added dynamic weather and start time.

On every mission start, a new weather setting will be set which is based on controlled random values.

Periodically new values will be set and the weather will gradually move towards those values.

Added a shared (team) container to the HQs, where players can put their non-needed gear. The contents of the container won’t be cleaned up.
Added additional lights to HQs.

Added hit bonus reward hitpoint configurations for drones.


– Gearshop –

Added Stealth Balaclava (Goggles) to NATO UK and NATO UK Pacific faction.


– VehicleShop –

Tweaked vehicle loadout prices and fixed some previously misconfigured loadouts. Click here for the changes


– Bugs and Issues –

Fixed some vehicleshop loadout issues (not showing correct information).

Fixed: Service point scripts would still run even if the vehicle was destroyed.

Fixed: UAVs with removed Laserdesignator had an empty selectable weapon.

Tweaked: Opening the inventory of a locked container will open the inventory display without accessing the locked inventory instead of just closing the inventory display.

Tweaked AI spawning. Now they are less likely to be spawned inside objects.


– 2017.11.18 SERVER SIDE UPDATE –

Tweaked Base protection AA missile targeting. The missile lock-on is now more reliable.

Selecting AA tanks to fire now takes the AA tanks’ visual on the target into consideration as well.

Change Logs Version 2.07.03

– Features –

Added support for Pylon loadout presets.

Added +100% price increase on AT launchers and AT ammunition on LITE layouts.

Improved gearshop UI description field.

Added max load description parameter to gearshop (vest/uniform/backpack).

Improved vehicle placement feature, now it supports placement on top of objects.


– Gearshop –

Increased the price of PCML from 2000cr to 2500cr

Increased the price of RPG7 from 1500cr to 2000cr

Increased the price of RPG42 from 1750cr to 2250cr

Increased the price of Titan AT from 4200cr to 4700cr

Increased the price of Titan AA from 4000cr to 4500cr

Increased the price of Titan AA missile from 2000cr to 2500cr

Increased the price of Titan AT missile from 3500cr to 4000cr

Increased the price of PCML missile from 2000cr to 2500cr

Increased the price of RPG42 rocket from 2000cr to 2500cr

Increased the price of RPG7 rocket from 900cr to 1400cr

Added Leg Strap backpack for 750cr to all factions and classes.

Added Messenger Backpack to Syndikat for 1000cr

Added EOD vest to Syndikat for 3000cr

Added EOD vest to CSAT for 12500cr (Higher price due to protection synergy with CSAT uniform armor)

Added Guerilla Garment (Olive) uniform to AAF for 1000Cr

Added Wireless Earpiece to 250Cr


– VehicleShop –

Added KH-3A Fenghuang with GBU bombs to CSAT vehicleshop for 23000Cr.

Added MQ-12 Falcon to NATO vehicleshop.

Added various pylon loadout presets to the vehicles. Note: some of the loadouts are only available on regular layouts.

See the full list of loadouts here


– Bugs and Issues –

The vehicle placement dummy vehicle now has also the correct pylon loadout shown visually.

Fixed: Players were able to access the mag repack dialog while controlling an UAV (the Ctrl+R keybind didn’t work for radar toggle).

Fixed: Players were able to heal themselves at base with UAV.

Fixed: Friendly roadkill could cause critical hit.

Gearshop: Now all the items are indented just like the ones with a dlc requirement.

Fixed: if a uniform was configured to be used by a specific faction, the gearshop purchase haven’t added it at all.

Change Logs Version 2.07.02

– Features –

As mines in 1.76 always needs to be revealed with the revealTarget key, changed the mine detection script according to that. Known issue: some key confilcts might block mine detection bonus.

Mine detection bonus is not an engineer exclusive anymore.


– Gearshop –

Added Basic Helmet (Olive) to Syndikat for 500 Cr.

Added DLC icons for gearshop and warning dialog if a player does not own the DLC needed for the item.


– VehicleShop –

Added Van Transport for AAF and Syndikat.

Change Logs Version 2.07.01

– Features –

On Gearshop purchase, items like GPS/UAV terminal, Binocular, NV goggles, Map, Watch, Compass, Radio are now automatically added to its corresponding slot if that slot is empty.

Added ‘Early Bird’ bonus (50Cr/min) which will be payed if the player number is below 20. (1 player per team is needed)

Passive income (250Cr/min) is now given if there is at least 1 player playing for both teams (previously it was only above 5 players)

Raised idle kick player number threshold from 5 to 10.


– Gearshop –

Added AAF crew helmet to Syndikat faction for 800Cr.

Chest Rigs are now available for every class (it was sniper only before).

Fixed: Sniper class could purchase the Holosight SMG (Khaki).


– Bugs and Issues –

Fixed a script error in the idle kick feature.

Nametags over UAVs now show the actual player who is connected to it.

Minor nametag optimizations.

Fixed: Hitting own vehicle from FFV position gave hit penalty.

Fixed: Players got hit Bonus for invulnerable vehicles.

Attacking or defending an objective now resets the idle kick timer.

Blocked an Arma engine exploit when players could duplicate uniforms, vests and backpacks.

NOTE: due to the nature of the workaround, the duplicated item and the source item will be removed as well.

Avoid switching these gear items directly (container from/to inventory slot) and place it rather on the ground first if the opened container space is full or near to full.

Change Logs Version 2.07.00

– Features –

Vehicle hit bonus

Players get a bonus money payout for damaging vehicles depending on the damage they’ve done.

Applies for only infantry vs vehicle hits. Shooting from static weapons and firing from vehicle positions are included.

The bonus applies if the target vehicle is not empty or wasn’t empty 1 minute before the hit. MHQs always yield bonus.

The feature is considering hitPoints (turret, rotor, fuel tank, wheels, etc).

Damaging a friendly vehicle will result in a hit penalty.

The minimum bonus in case of using missiles/rockets (including static launchers) is the price of the ammo. – this only applies for the more expensive vehicles – APCs, Tanks, Helicopters, Jets, etc.

The missile/rocket price is also paid if the vehicle is empty for more than 1 minute and the previous crew of the vehicle was hostile – also only applies for the more expensive vehicles

If the player hits a vehicle with a missile/rocket right after destruction, the price of the ammo will be refunded – this is to avoid the frustration of the bonus not being paid when multiple team members engage a hostile vehicle

Hitting vehicles which are in base area will not yield reward, unless they shoot inside the base area. This can be reset by going into the inner (3 dimensional -up to tower OR plane height!) area or leaving and entering the base area again.

Mine kill improvements

Players now get mine kills even after death or reconnecting. This means players will always get bonus for kill or punishment for teamkill with a mine.

Players now can detonate mines which were placed before death if they are revived.

Players now get 500 Cr punishment for mine teamkills instead of 2000Cr (only auto-triggered/time triggered) and 1/4 of the the friendly vehicle hit punishment.

Mobile Service points

All vehicles which has refuel/reammo/repair capabilities now use the custom service point script.

Players can only use friendly mobile service points (side depends on last side which occupied the vehicle)

Owner (the player who spawned it) of the mobile service point get 300 Cr for each completed service action.

Service capable vehicles which are in the mission at start also have the mobile service point feature

Using a mobile service point prolongs its cleanup time

General service point tweaks

Tweak: Passenger of the vehicle can’t start a service action anymore.

Tweak: Vehicles need to touch the ground in order to have the service actions (avoiding falling helicopters due to engine being shut down)

Removed vehicle repair and refuel actions from owned flags

Kill event improvements

Killing another infantry in ‘Firing from vehicle’ position is now counts as infantry kill, thus the player gets the kill bonus for it.

Mine kills now count as infantry kills, even if the player is in a vehicle at the moment of the kill.

Kills with UAV now counts into the player’s score.

Mine and UAV team kills are now shown differently in chat.

Disabled critical hit for teamikills.

Base protection improvements

Tweaked: base protection AA’s defense gun targeting.

Fixed: at very close ranges base protection AA guns would not shoot at their targets.

Fixed: in some cases base protection AA missile targeting would fail and not fire the missiles at all

Tweaked: If AA missile targeting fails, the request is put back to queue

Reworked artillery defense script. Now it should be more accurate in general, but also got a random spread in some cases

Tweaked: Vehicle kills weight more into the defense punishment value, thus triggering defense mechanism sooner

Tweaked: cooldown of the defense punishment value (if the value reaches 1, a defense mechanism is requested) is changed from 2 minutes to 5 minutes

Added a new event which triggers if a player fires a lock-on missile against a vehicle inside protected zone. It adds up to the same value as the killing someone in the protected area. (Example: firing lock-on missile (0.5) + killing a vehicle (0.5) = 1 will cause the defense mechanism to trigger)

Player leaving the base area will now set to vulnerable within a random time interval of 5 to 15 seconds instead of instantly – Making it less predictable for base campers. Firing will instantly make the player and its vehicle to lose invulnerability.

Parachuting and air vehicle transport bonus tweaks

Paradropping infantry is now exclusive to air vehicles with ramp door – Huron,Taru Transport,Mohawk,Infantry transport Blackfish and Xi’an.

Enabling paradrop is now done by opening the ramp door. Only the pilot or the piloting copilot can open or close it.

Players who are only in cargo seat positions can use the parachutes. This excludes all the turret and copilot positions.

Added a parachute UI icon for the players who can use or enable the parachutes. The color of the icon changes depending on the cargo ramp door’s state and air vehicle’s height. Black: cargo door is closed, parachuting disabled, Orange: cargo door is open, parachuting enabled, but the vehicle is under 150m altitude. Green: cargo door is open and the vehicle is over 150m altitude.

Tweaked air vehicle transport bonus formula. Compared to the previous one, it yields more money below 4km distance per passenger.

Transport bonus now pays 1/2 instead of 1/3 of the normal bonus if players use parachutes.

Minimum distance from objectives for transport bonus is now increased to 1000m in case of sniper passengers. For all the other infantry classes, it’s still 600m

Squad members now have orange nametags and orange colored markers on map.

Tweaked: either killer or victim needs to be inside the flag circle to get attack or defend bonus for kills.

Disabled auto center of map per request

Added flag animation on objective capture.

Increased view distance from 2500m to 3500m.

Reworked vehicleshop description. Added loadout and sensor info in the new advanced tab.

Flag shop ammo box prices are now dynamically generated from the actual ammo prices.

Players are now able to buy non-owned DLC vehicles in the vehicleshop.

Added DLC icons to the vehicleshop

If a player is about to purchase a vehicle which is DLC locked (not owned by player), a warning window will be shown.

Added an option to automatically add timestamp to placed map marker (by: S3Savage)

Increased the maximum points an objective can change per tick from 4 to 5.

Added: notification which will show when the hostile team starts to attack an objective which is at 100/100.

Added heal action to airport flags.

Added MHQ idle moveout and kick feature which moves out players who are inactive in the MHQ and kicks the player if multiple abuses happen in a short time.


– Gearshop –

ENVG price is increased from 26000 Cr to 30000 Cr.

Increased UAV terminal price from 5500 Cr to 8000 Cr

Increased Tayran/Darter UAV price from 4500 Cr to 12000 Cr.

Added back laser designator to Tayran/Darter UAVs.

Added Pistol flashlight for 50 Cr.

Added the Khaki variant of the MK17 Holosight SMG for 200 Cr.


– VehicleShop –

Added Ammo trucks for 2000 CR (exception: 2500 Cr for tempest).

Increased Speedboat minigun price from 1500 Cr to 2500 Cr

Increased Speedboat HMG price from 1800 Cr to 3000 Cr

Increased Armed Blackfish price from 22500 Cr to 30500 Cr

Removed Tayran and Darter UAV from flagshops

Increased Greyhawk and Ababil UAV drone price from 13500 Cr to 14500 Cr

Disabled Greyhawk and Ababil UAV drones on LITE layouts.

Added Black Wasp II for 66000 Cr

Pylon Loadout: 2x BIM 9X, 2×2 Macer II, 2×1 Macer II, 4x AMRAAM, 2x GBU-12. Rearm: 14000Cr

Added Black Wasp II Stealth for 48000 Cr

Pylon Loadout: 2x BIM 9X, 2x AMRAAM,2x GBU-12. Rearm: 7000Cr

Added Shikra for 62000 Cr

Pylon Loadout:4x R73 SR AA, 4x R77 MR AA,4x KAB 250 LGB,1x KH25 AGM. Rearm: 12000Cr

Added Shikra Stealth for 49000 Cr

Pylon Loadout: 2x R73 SR AA, 4x R77 MR AA, 1x KAB 250 LGB. Rearm: 6000Cr

Added UCAV drone for 28000 Cr (2 GBU bomb loadout)

Pylon Loadout: 2x GBU-12. Rearm: 4000Cr

Removed Orca Black and White

Decreased Armed Orca’s price from 19500 to 18500 Cr

Pylon loadout: 6.5mm Gatling, 19x Skyfire

Changed Blackfoot’s price from 38500 to 34500 Cr


Kajman Pylon Loadout: 38x Skyfire (pilot), 8x Scalpel

Y-32 Xi’an Pylon Loadout: 6x Scalpel, 40x Tratnyr HE (pilot). Rearm: 9000Cr

Removed Buzzard AA

Added Gryphon for 44000 Cr

Pylon Loadout: 2x AMRAAM, 2x Macer II,2x BIM 9X. Rearm: 7000Cr

Reenabled copilot controls on Blackfoot, Kajman and Xi’An

Adjusted flare round count across all air vehicles

60 rounds: Black Wasp II, Buzzard, Shikra, Xi’an, M-900, Pawnee, Hummingbird, Orca, Hellcat, CAS drones, UCAV

120 rounds: Wipeout, Neophron, Gryphon, Blackfoot, Kajman

168 rounds: Blackfish, Taru, Huron, Mohawk

The MB 4WD got a separate appearance for AAF and Syndikat

The Kuma got a separate appearance for AAF and Syndikat

Added (back) laser designator for Buzzard’s pilot camera

Reduced M-900 price from 6500 Cr to 6000 Cr.

Increased unarmed Orca price from 6500 Cr to 8000 Cr.

Increased unarmed Hellcat price from 6500 Cr to 8000 Cr.

Reduced Taru Bench price from 8500 Cr to 8000 Cr.

Increased Taru Transport price from 7000 Cr to 9000 Cr.

Increased Mohawk price from 8500 Cr to 9000 Cr.

Increased Blackfish Infantry price from 12000 Cr to 14000 Cr.

Increased Blackfish Vehicle price from 13500 Cr to 14000 Cr.

Reduced Pawnee price from 20550 Cr to 19000 Cr.

Increased Armed Hellcat price from 17500 Cr to 21500 Cr.

Increased Armed Orca price from 18500 Cr to 21500 Cr.

Reduced Xi’an Vehicle price from 43000 Cr to 41500 Cr.


– Bugs and Issues –

Fixed: MHQ didn’t respawn if the respawn script didn’t find a suitable position in the first place

Fixed: incoming missle sound was not working

Fixed a mine disarm exploit

Fixed: Empty vehicle loaded into VTOL stays invulnerable

Tweaked MHQ and standard vehicle placement.

Several fixes and tweaks to the incoming missile (tanks/APCs) feature

Several fixes and tweaks to the MIP marker script

Fixed: There was a case when a vehicle leaving the protection zone could remain invulnerable.

Fixed: when MIP was in cargo of VTOL, players could still spawn on it

Fixed: Rearming helicopter flares worked only if vehicle was local

Reenabled ShackTac UI Stamina bar as the addon disables the vanilla stamina bar

Fixed: Some air vehicles didn’t have parachute actions for JIP players

Reworked the MIP marker system which will hopefully eliminate all the previously experienced issues.

An attempt to fix the issue when newly joined players would glitch into the HQ tower

Fixed: in some cases players couldn’t open their parachutes.

Fixed: Copilots who took control of the vehicle didn’t get the transport bonus.

Disabled mag repack in driver and gunner seats to avoid conflict with CTRL+R default keybinding for toggling radar.

Fixed: some vehicle appearances were not initialized correctly (eg.: offroads)

Replaced custom gear save function to set/getUnitLoadout script command as it is much faster and probably more reliable.

Tweak: Layout’s already destroyed vehicles won’t be cleaned up anymore.