Our mod is targeted at a few different types of players:

Players who want to run solo / Players who want to run with a random group / Players who want to run with an organized group
Remember that the core gameplay is about teamwork regardless of how you want to play. The information below will assist you in understanding some of the core mechanics in our mod.

Strategic Capture Points

Each of the missions contains a unique set of capture points that are strung together to create a strategic web network. At the beginning of the game, teams must capture points that are connected to any of the pre-captured points on the map and continue on down the lines until all points are captured.

Each capture point has a total of 100 points and will tick down faster the more teammates that are located inside the capture zone. The maximum number of people that can influence a capture point is 4. Having more inside the capture radius will only serve as insurance if a teammate is killed. Also note that enemies that are also contesting the point will affect you maximum ability to capture that point, so it’s best to seek out and remove the remaining threats.

Capture Speed Influence

A single player inside an enemy capture zone will influence the point tick down at a rate of 5 points every 40 seconds for a single person in the zone

Only 4 players are taken into consideration per side while inside a capture point, so the objective can be taken 20 points / tick (40s) maximum.

Additionally you now need to remove the opposition forces inside the Capture circle to less than 4 (or your own number if lower than 4) in order to have the progress move in either direction.

Dead enemies and AI are not included in the capture influence. Players that have been revived will continue to contribute once they are back up.

Scouting and Capturing Points

Capture points on the map range into 3 colors:

Black = Unscouted / Brown = Guerilla / RedBlue, or Green = Corresponds to the team that owns it either pre-captured or scouted

Before a point can be owned by your team, your must capture it first. In order to do so, you must be standing inside the radius indicator that surrounds the flag which we refer to as a “Capture Zone”.

The more of your teammates that stand inside the capture zone, the faster the capture points will tick down and ultimately become owned by your team. Note that only a maximum of 4 people on your team can affect the capture. Having more is simply insurance in the case one of your teammates are killed.

Capture zones that have an even number of players from both teams will hold at the last tick number.

If you have died inside the capture zone and are awaiting revival, your presence will not affect the capture speed unless you are revived.



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