OpFor Moves In

EUTW PVP Warfare is an extensively modified version of a older mission called "TeeTimes Warfare" which was left behind by it's creator in 2013. EUTW obtained permission to build on the legacy he had left behind.

The original "TeeTimes Warfare" used a larger portion of the island than we do currently. We expanded the original ideas and created a series of different missions with a variety of capture point mission within contained areas all over the islands of Altis, Stratis, and Tanoa.

Slammer decimates the other team on Oreokastro

Containing the areas helps keep the battle focused on a specific areas, but still allows for players to travel outside anywhere on the map to create a wide variety of different missions all over the map which can last from 45 minutes to several hours. 

There are many influences and inspirations to what we've done here from games like Battlefield and Project Reality, but we feel that it stands on its own to provide a unique team experience inside the Arma 3 universe.

PVP Warfare Key Features

Western Nato Base on Tonos Bay

  • 3 Different Factions with Sub-Factions: Missions are setup for two teams which are randomly selected by the game logic at the start of every mission. BluFor (NATO), OpFor (CSAT), and Independent (AAF). Each faction armed with their own unique weapon and vehicle sets. With the addition of Tanoa, we have also added the sub-factions that have been provided with the Apex expansion.
  • 24 Mission Layouts: Over 24 different mission layouts which span over various regions of Altis, Stratis, and Tanoa to create a high mission variety and replayability for every type of player
  • Two Types of Missions: PVP Warfare offers two mission types which are pre-determined by the mission creators. "Regular" missions offer the full compliment of armaments and vehicles while "Lite" missions offer a more infantry-focused experience.
  • Pure PVP: Our mission is all about player domination. A focus on pure Player vs. Player combat with very light AI elements that patrol each capture zone. 
  • Fast Travel: Two persistent mobile HQ vehicles, Player-purchased IFV's, and fast travel to flag abilities that allow players to get to the action quickly. 
  • Economy: A dynamic economy that expands and shrinks over the course of the battle depending on your team and individual performance. The currency you earn is spent however you like. Weapons, attachments, explosives, tanks, helicopters, aircraft, etc... The choice is yours to figure out how to best help your team conquer the mission and ultimately win the game. 
  • 1P Only: All of our servers are first-person only for true immersion
  • Squad Finder: The official BIS squad finder is as easy as pressing "U" in-game. This makes it quick and easy to hook up with friends or random players to lay waste together on the battlefield
  • Base Protection: Base protections systems that keep you safe and prevent the enemy from abusing unwanted base camping tactics.
  • Join-In-Progress: Drop in and out whenever you like. The battle will always rage on with or without you. 
  • Money & Gear Saving: Drop out at any time and continue on the same game with all the same items and money you left with (Within the same mission match).
  • Classes: Be the tip of the spear or the fletching support. With a fixed number of classes on each team you can hone your skills as a Rifleman,Medic, Sniper, or Engineer. Each with their own unique access to weaponry and kit.
  • Strategic Mode: No two games play out the same. Connected capture points present a focused gameplay approach throughout the mission. 

Mission Layout: Tonos Bay

  • Persistence: A persistent battleground that can last anywhere from 60 minutes to several hours or more.
  • Server and Mission Optimizations: Optimized for performance, EUTW prides ourselves on creating the best possible experience in an Arma 3 mission with up-to-date hardware, regular updates, server monitoring, and script optimization.
  • No Additional Download: Just connect and play. No special mods to download. Just jump right in. If you are interested in our selection of client side add-ons we allow, please Click Here.

To learn even more about EUTW PVP Warfare, please visit our wiki at: http://wiki.eutw.net