Arma 3 General

Upcoming Events

Happy Weekend!

We just wanted to let everyone know about a couple of events that we currently have planned in the coming weeks.

Regular Closed Server Events

While am official date has not been announced just yet, trnapster is working hard on an intricate custom event that will include a wide host of modifications including ACRE, ACE3, RHS, etc...

If you are interested in becoming involved in this, please take a look over at THIS FORUM THREAD for more info and signup details.

Attack on Airbase November

This event will be a much lighter and focused attack and defend map. I have been working on a simple scenario framework which an be easily altered for a variety of things.

This event is scheduled to happen on Wednesday - August 5 @ 2000hrs

Mandatory mods will include CBA and Task Force Radio. More info on the mission will be released next week.

Info can be found on the EVENT POSTING and on this FORUM THREAD.

Steam Events Page

In addition to our Steam Community Page, we have also setup a Community Events page in order for us to more accurately communicate with those who are interested in participating in our events.

Feel free to join us at the link below to stay updated with the latest events and event information.

2.03.00 Testing / Scenario Event / Video of the Week

Now In Testing

Over the weekend we were full swing on Server #4 for testing of the newest update to EUTW PVP Warfare. The biggest highlights of this future update are a major change to the class system, weapon distribution, and increased options for fast travel. 

Classes are now broken down into 4 functions. 15 x Riflemen, 5 x Medics, 5 x Engineers, and 5 x Snipers. Medics and Engineers will now take on a more critically focused role on the battlefield for those who thrive on support roles. It should also be noted that specific weapons and items will now be restricted for purchase by class.

The biggest change we are researching at the moment is expanding the ability to teleport into what we are now calling "Fast Travel". The system we are trying out is a lot more robust than what has been in place over the past 2 years and includes teleport options from base, captured flags, and MHQ's.

To learn more what we're working on and the WIP update notes, head on over to the forums to read the full changelist and the discussions surrounding the update. Note that what is being done here is by no means final and we still have a lot of work to be done to roll this out in various stages.

We'll be doing sporadic tests during the week as we begin refining the update based on player feedback and internal reviews.

Upcoming Scenario Event

trnapster has been working hard at putting together a custom scenario event. This will include a whole host of mods incorporated into a unique scenario.

If you are interested in taking part, take a look at this thread over at the events forum.

Video of the Week

It's been awhile since we've done as video of the week, so now is a better time than ever.

The video this week is brought to you by long standing community member crogeek. The video below highlights a rare capture of an enemy jet. Enjoy!