- PVP Warfare - EU 6# |HARD| RUS 8 -[EUTW]- TeeTimes v2.00.27 is NOT sanctioned by us - 24.01.2015

We've just realized that someone started to run our missions on a "unofficial" #6 server even with the same naming scheme. (


- We aren't responsible for this server.

- We do not do any moderation on this server.

- We didn't give any permission to them to run our missions.

- This is not our server. We do not maintain, support and service this server!


We know our mission is very popular, unfortunately others try to host our mission without asking first - and if we say no, do it regardless.

Rotor Lib Simulation changed to Optional on Server #2 - #4 - 23.01.2015

After a long time playing with the forced rotorLib Simulation on server #2 - #4, we decided that it doesn't really add any depth or better experience to our gamemod.

This is why we do not longer force the simulation on our servers #2 - #4.
You are now free to choose if you wanna use it or not.

However, we still force it on server #5 as this is our Expert server.

JSRS3: DragonFyre RC Release - 07.01.2015

JSRS3 "DragonFyre" has been released by LordJarhead.
The key has been added to our servers for immediate use.

You can download the soundmod Opens external link in new windowhere.


Our allowed mods Opens external link in new windowthread has been updated as well.


Happy New Year! - 31.12.2014 (void)

The end of this year is nigh and the dawn of the next is fast approaching.

We'd like to thank you, our community, for your great support over the course of this year and hope to see you well (fed ;-)) in the next.

Maybe some of you even celebrate the switch on our servers, who knows!

Until then: Drink responsible and be save at your festivities!


Your EUTW - Team!



Update of BlastCore A3 Server Key - 27.12.2014 (void)

Since the new Opens external link in new windowBlastcore A3 Phonix update has been released, we updated our servers with the new key.

As the keyname wasn't changed, but the key itself, we had to remove the old key and replace it with the newest.

This means the old Blastcore will no longer work on our servers so please be sure to update to the newest version of the mod.

Version 2.00.27 EUTW CTI (PVP Warfare) - 23.11.14 (E.C.I.D.)

We have released a new version of EUTW CTI (PVP Warfare).

Version: 2.00.27

It is now available on all EUTW-Servers. 


Major changes include, but are not limited to: 



  • 2 exploit fixes
  • 8 bug fixes
  • Huron and Taru Helicopters have been added and require the Helicopter DLC (the "missing" Variants will be added in a later patch - including a repainted M-900 for Bluefor @ 6.5k)
  • You now see difficulty level, server number and layout name displayed on the welcome screen.
  • Major Game-pace enhancement to combat the rushing points with MHQ's. 
  • Added alternative EYE-Wear options to accommodate users of the LHM Glasses Add-on 


A comprehensive list of all changes (39 in total) Opens external link in new windowcan be reviewed on our wiki.



Server Configuration Changes (01.11.2014) (E.C.I.D.)

In preparation of the November 4th Helicopter DLC patch, EUTW has decided, to introduce actual difficulty levels via a re-branding of our server names. Currently the only differences are Crosshairs and Fatigue Levels, which soon will be joined by different RotoLib settings. 

The following Difficulties will now be available: 

  •  Normal
  • Hard
  • Expert

A complete list of all server difficulty settings will now be Opens external link in new windowmaintained on the wiki.


Additionally we have changed the Mission rotation to allow for more variance. This means no more Missions following each other with:

  •  Same Start-Time
  • Same geographic location
  • noNVG / Night-Missions

Additionally the Mission-Rotations per Server have been mixed some more so that you should no longer find the same Missions playing on every server when looking for a server to play on. 

Version 2.00.26 EUTW CTI (PVP Warfare) - 23.10.14 (E.C.I.D.)

We have released a new version of EUTW TeeTimes Warfare (TTW).

Version: 2.00.26

It is now available on all EUTW-Servers. 


Major changes include, but are not limited to: 


  • "Taxi-Service" Boni for Transport-Helicopter Pilots.
  • New Layout Kavala II
  • Ability to extend the lifetime of your vehicle and spare it from the cleaning scripts. 
  • Major price changes for vehicles and gear at the HQ. 
  • The Flag store now sells vehicles and gear at a 30% markup. 


A comprehensive list of all changes (79 in total) Opens external link in new windowcan be reviewed on our wiki.



Modification / Addon Updates (16.10.2014) (E.C.I.D.)

The following Modifications have been added to our Servers and are now version specific: 

@cyp_pushtohear_a3 - reduces in-game sound and music volume via key or mouse button


please update at your earliest convenience.


Opens external link in new windowFor a complete list of allowed addons, their versions and download locations, check out this link



Server Configuration Changes (16.10.2014) (E.C.I.D.)

The *.arma3Profile's for servers #1, #2 and #3 have been changed to mirror the configuration of server #4. 

This specifically means the following: 


No more 3P On Server (#1)
No more auto map spotting (#1, #2)
No more Crosshairs (except#1)
No more friendly Tags (except #1)


Additionally the Server names have been renamed to reflect the changes (you will no longer see the 3P ON/OFF information)

 Our hope is that this change will spread the server load generated by server #4 and #5 more evenly across our dedicated servers, and for our userbase take advantage of the different layout-rotations available on these servers. 

Should you have any feedback, constructive criticism or any wishes regarding this change, please let us know on Opens external link in new windowthis forum thread


Modification / Addon Updates (16.10.2014) (E.C.I.D.)

The following Modifications have been added to our Servers and are now version specific: 

@L_ES - LAxemann's Enhanced Soundscapes


please update at your earliest convenience.


Opens external link in new windowFor a complete list of allowed addons, their versions and download locations, check out this link




We no longer support the following addons and their versions: 

@SOS - Speed of Sound Core - until a working version becomes available

Modification / Addon Updates (03.10.2014) (E.C.I.D.)

The following Modifications have been updated on our Servers and are now version specific: 

@CBA - v1.09 Codename RC4

@LHM Glasses v2.3

please update at your earliest convenience.


Opens external link in new windowFor a complete list of allowed addons, their versions and download locations, check out this link




We no longer support the following addons and their versions: 

@CBA -  v1.08 RC3Hotifx

@CBA - v1.07 RC2

@CBA -v1.06 RC1

@LHM Versions 2.2 and below

EUTW is growing 26.09.2014 (E.C.I.D.)

During the last couple Weeks the EUTW Memberbase has been growing. Three new Recruits have made it through our Trial Period. Please welcome our newest Members and by implication Server Admins:


  • DeviousD
  • Nonim


If you too would like to become a Member of EUTW, please take a look at our Opens external link in current windowRecruitment section


 We are always on the lookout for

  •  Scripters / Coders
  • Graphics Artists
  • Cinematic Artists
  • Server Admins
  • Content Providers




Hardware defect causes server outage 14.09.2014 (E.C.I.D.)

On Saturday Servers #4 and #5 experienced numerous massive disconnect waves and lag spikes. After an initial diagnosis and a staggered shutdown of the effected servers, a more detailed analysis revealed the root cause as a hardware defect. 


The faulty hardware had been replaced rather quickly by technicians and the Server has been rebuild by now. As such #4 and #5 are back in rotation.

Downtime was roughly 8 hours.


We'd like to apologize for the inconvenience.




Update: Arma3 Crashes caused by BEclient.dll 05.09.2014 (E.C.I.D.)

Update 05/09/2014: Bohemia interactive (BIS) just released a silent fix that supposedly fixes the BEclient.dll issues. The Bug apparently it caused massive Memory corruption, which caused BattlEye to be triggered.


Update 04/09/2014: BEclient.dll crashes are back. Seems they came back with BIS's latest mini update via stea. Please follow the instructions below


There have been various Client and server side patches since the deployment of Patch 1.26. Most of the issues seem to be fixed now. But one Issue still persists, the dreadded Crash to desktop causes by BEclient.dll


Should you encounter crashes post Arma3 Patch 1.26 please check your RPT-Files:

 C:\Users\USername\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

If that file has a line like this: 

Fault address:  ********   *********   C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Arma 3\BattlEye\BEClient.dll


The please grab the corresponding *.rpt, *. mdmp and *.bidmp; zip them all up and upload em on this Bohemia Interactive (BIS) site:



The more Crash-Dumps BIS has to analyze, the easier it is for them to fix the issue.



BIS released Fix against BEclient.dll related crashes - 02.09.14 (E.C.I.D.)

Bohemia interactive has just released the latest Release Candidate for Arma3 1.28. It is supposed to fix the issues with Client crashes, that have been linked to BEclient.dll.

Currently that fix is only available on Arma3's RC-branch.



In order to gain access to the RC branch, please follow these steps: 

Open Steam -> Go to Library -> Go to Arma3 -> <right click> Properties -> Go to BETAS -> Enter the code "Hotfix128Arma3" -> check Code -> Select "RC" from the Dropdown Menu.


It will download a ~20MB patch. It is compatible to all servers we are currently hosting. #1-#5


Please provide Opens external link in new windowFeedback in this Thread

BIS also has released a new Opens external link in new windowSitrep #00072, explaining the situation.

Arma3 [RC3] released - servers back up 28.08.2014 (E.C.I.D.)

At 16:33 BIS released a new Update on the RC-Branch. 

at 18:07 BIS made the server-binaries available. 


==> Servers #4 and #5 are back up now. You still need "Hotfix126Arma3" . Install instructions are in the Post below.

Arma3 [RC2] available on EUTW-Servers - 27.08.14 (E.C.I.D.)

Bohemia interactive has just released the latest Release Candidate for Arma3 1.26. It is supposed to fix the issues with Server Crashes and Client Desyncs.

We have made it available on Servers #4 and #5, pending feedback we will make it available on all Servers aswell. 



In order to gain access to the RC branch, please follow these steps: 

Open Steam -> Go to Library -> Go to Arma3 -> <right click> Properties -> Go to BETAS -> Enter the code "Hotfix126Arma3" -> check Code -> Select "RC" from the Dropdown Menu.


It will download a ~20MB patch. You can now play on servers #4 and #5


Please provide Opens external link in new windowFeedback in this Thread

Working on a fix for server crashes - 27.08.14 (trnapster)

We are currently experiencing constant server crashes due to the recent Arma3 Patch.
We are working on the problem. So stay tuned.



Edit E.C.I.D. @ 16:45

We tried out Perf2. And it was a bust. 


We'll keep you guys updated

Version 2.00.25 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 09.08.14 (E.C.I.D.)

Mod Changes



  • New script to influence excessive fatigue, multiple settings possible
  • We now offer different Fatigue Values on our servers,  to cater to different play styles:
    • Server EU-1: Fatigue disabled
    • Server EU-2: Fatigue 60%
    • Server EU-3: Fatigue 60%
    • Server EU-4: Fatigue 60%
    • Server EU-5: Fatigue 100%
  • Fatigue settings for the Server are now displayed on the Welcome-Screen.

== Layouts ==

  • Updates and Fixes to Layout NorthWest


== Exploits ==

  • Ammo truck has been removed. This is temporary ( to prevent mortar and AT exploiting )
    • Info: we are working on a custom ammo truck as a replacement.
  • Fixed a Exploit making it possible to disable the Oppositions Vehicle- and Gearshop

EUTW Organized Event TODAY - 02.08.14 (NoXiD)

Today we will again, host an organized event consisting of PVE and PVP missions on one of our servers. 
It will start at 19:30 CEST. 

Everyone is invited to join us. Be aware that you need the ACRE mod in order to play with us. 

Visit the link on our forums for full details if you'd like to join in. 

Dont forget to DL the A2 Mappack!

EUTW Organized Event TODAY - 26.07.14 (trnapster)

Today we will again, host an organized event consisting of PVE and PVP missions on one of our servers. 
It will start at 19:30 CEST. 

Everyone is invited to join us. Be aware that you need the ACRE mod in order to play with us. 

Visit the link on our forums for full details if you'd like to join in.

EUTW Organized Event TODAY - 19.07.14 (trnapster)

Today we will again, host an organized event consisting of PVE and PVP missions on one of our servers. 
It will start at 19:30 CEST. 

Everyone is invited to join us. Be aware that you need the ACRE mod in order to play with us. 

Visit the link on our forums for full details if you'd like to join in.

JSRS 2.1b now working on our Servers - 18.07.14 (trnapster)

The new version of JSRS is now enabled on our Servers.

Old versions (2.1 and before) won't work anymore.


Download JSRS 2.1b

Wait with updating JSRS - 15.07.14 (baZti)

The update ist not working on our servers. There is no working serverkey yet.

BIS Forum Link

Don't forget: As soon as we have a working key, the server needs a restart too.

Version 2.00.23 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 06.07.14 (baZti)



  • Dismantled MK30 HMG: Price INCREASED from 3000cr to 8000cr


=> Info: We are working on a new gear shop, but that takes time

== Miscellaneous ==

  • Medic Start Gear: FAK's DECREASED from 11 to 5

  • Map Screen: Minor OPTIMIZATION

  • New Layout: Kavala (Jets) ADDED

There is no flag directly at Castle and Hospital because of to many rocks (respawn).

EUTW ACRE Event - Saturday 5th July - 04.07.14 (KroKodile)

Tomorrow at 19:30hrs CEST we will be hosting an organised event using ACRE. The event will consist of several set-piece missions.

Please read the forum post here for all the details: Link

How to set up ACRE for Arma3: Link

Server: EUTW.NET - PVP Warfare - EU #2 | EUTW Community Event Test

Password: Given out 2 hours before the event in the forum post.

Timings: Server opens at 19:30 for ACRE help, missions will start at 20:30.


Version 2.00.22 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 01.07.14 (baZti)


== SHOP ==

  • PCML/RPG Rockets: Price INCREASED from 250cr to 350cr

  • TITAN AP Rocket: Price INCREASED from 300cr to 400cr


=> Side Note: We can't guarantee that everything in the following list is fixed now. We need to test some things first with you.

  • Missing Flares: Every chopper should have flares again

  • Empty Gear Shop: Shouldn't happen anymore

  • No Chat Bug: You can now see the chat again, while waiting for revive

  • AI: Isn't shooting at dead bodies anymore

  • First Death: CfgMagazines-Error message FIXED

  • Problems after respawn/death: DEBUGGING

  • Respawn: New function in the script to look for empty position ADDED

  • Save Gear Script: DEBUGGING

== Miscellaneous ==

  • Kill Animations: IMPROVED

  • Runway Lights: ADDED to each airport with jets

  • Welcome Screen: UPDATED for layouts without NVG

  • Start Gear: Smoke Grenades and Chemlights REMOVED


Kicked from the server with Steam errors? 17.06.14 (Xodius)

If you are being kicked from the server and are running the fred41 external memory allocator, you may want to try reverting back from using that.

Please see the following thread on our forums of how to do that.

Click here for the forum thread

Version 2.00.21 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 11.06.14 (baZti)


== HUD ==

  • Revive: ADJUSTED to the death screen

  • Teleporting: Indicator at flagpole ADDED

  • Minor changes: Ongoing optimisations

== Gameplay ==

  • Playerslots: INCREASED from 50 to 60 players

    Info: There gonna be 1-2 changes on some layouts afterwards, if everything is working fine and we stay at 60 slots

== Miscellaneous ==

  • Map: TS and WIKI info UPDATED

Version 2.00.20 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 08.06.14 (baZti)


== New Vehicle Shop (WIP) ==

  • We REPLACED the vehicle shop with a new one.

    The gear shop getting updated too in one of the later updates.

== Vehicle Shop ==

  • Offroad Armed price DECREASED from 2.500cr to 1.500cr and at flag from 3.000cr to 2.000cr

== Bonus for defending (WIP) ==

  • Killbonus:

    150cr extra cash if

    => Killed enemy is inside the circle of a flag your team is holding
    => The flag is connected to at least one flag which is owned by the attacker

  •  .. and cash for stabilization of the own flag after an attack:

    => 10cr per flag tick point taken back if inside circle (60 meters radius) and 4cr if defending from outside within a radius of 120 meters.

    Example: Flag is at 50 Points and you bring it back up to 100 while in the circle: 500cr bonus.

== Bonus for revive ==

  • Payout for Medics with a Medkit INCREASED from 50Cr to 100Cr

== Layouts ==

  • South-West: Area around Roadblock and Edessa IMPROVED

  • South-West II: Minor changes and one flag deleted for more symmetrical gameplay

  • Central II: New layout ADDED which is replacing the old Central II

== Miscellaneous ==

  • MHQ Respawn Timer: INCREASED from 120 seconds to 240 seconds

  • Advertising: Infoboard in mainbase UPDATED

  • HUD: Better visibility for money and

  • Bugfix: On death screen (countdown for respawn) you are not able to respawn by blind clicking on the map anymore

  • Deathscreen: Infos for possibilities to respawn ADDED



Version 2.00.20 RC1 Now Testing - 06.06.14 (Xodius)

We have finished internal testing and implementation of all the changes for the next version and we have it available on Server #3 for testing. Once we have adequately ensured the stability here, we will deploy it on all server. 

The full update notes will be posted once they have been deployed on all servers, but if you would like to see them now, then you can join Server #3, open the map, and click on "Changelog" to see the current version notes we have created. 

Please direct any questions and comments in our Opens internal link in current windowFORUMS.

EUTW Semi-Private Event Tonight - 31.05.14 (Xodius)

Tonight at 19:45hrs CEST we will be hosting a semi-private event. Here are some of the details.

Server: -[EUTW]- CTI Warfare EU #3 |3P Off|

Password: CTI

Timings: Server opens at 1945hrs CEST and mission should begin between 2015hrs and 2030hrs

Some of the rules highlighted below. Please check the forum post for more info at

  • There will be 30 slots available on each side.
  • This will be an IFV (Infantry fighting vehicle) mission. Tanks and Attack Choppers have been removed.
  • Only transport choppers will be available and two dedicated pilot slots. There will be no restriction on who can fly, giving the commander some flexibility.
  • Only one MHQ will be active for this event
  • Remember that command channel can only be heard by those who are squad leaders.
  • Squad management has been disabled and have been predefined for this mission.
  • Commanders can only leave the base as a co-pilot with one of the designated pilots.
  • Commanders will have direct Warn abilities. EUTW will be on hand to initiate longer bans as deemed necessary. The other side of it goes for commanders and over-abusing the right they have at their disposal.
  • All standard EUTW CTI Warfare mission and server rules will be in place. Transport helicopter prices have been lowered slightly. Some vehicles and items removed from the shop and the larger IFV's added to the flags.
  • Titans, PCML, and RPG launchers will be class restricted to the ones listed below. There will be 3 Titan Launchers per team (Two AT and One AA) and Two RPG/PCML's

Version 2.00.11 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 20.05.14 (baZti)


== Shops == 

  • Shop: Ammo prices for weapons ADJUSTED

  • Shop: Titan AT and Titan AA Launcher price INCREASED from 4.000cr to 8.000cr

  • Shop: PCML price INCREASED from 1.500cr to 2.000cr and RPG price INCREASED from 1.000cr to 1.800cr

  • Flag Shop (Rocket Crate): RC now contains 2x Titan AA + 2x Titan AT for 3.000cr

    Before: 3x Titan AA Rockets, 3x Titan AT Rockets and 5x PCML/RPG Rockets for 3.500cr

  • Flag Shop (Ammo Box): FAK and HE DECREASED from 10 to 5, AB price INCREASED from 700cr to 1.000cr

  • Shop: Carryall Backpacks are not available for purchase anymore (they are class exclusive now)

  • Vehicle/Flag Shop: Offroad Armed ADDED, price 2.500cr at base and 3.000cr at flag

== Respawn Revamp ==

  • Scripts and displays (Respawn without being killed in action): Respawn button in the main menu is now activated after 15 seconds and the use is associated with a 500cr penalty

  • Scripts (Respawn at flags): You can't respawn in (deep) water anymore and you are now respawning randomly around the capture area

== Game Balance ==

  • Classes: Slots for Snipers DECREASED from 3 to 2 Now: 2 Snipers, 9 CLS, 9 Rep Spec, 3 Engineers, 2 Recon Demos

    Info: We are not done yet. More class changes in progress

== Miscellaneous ==

  • Scripts (Firemode): Zafir standard firemode after purchase/respawn is now automatic

  • Advertising: EUTW infoboard UPDATED

  • FAQ: Welcome screen UPDATED

  • Death Screen: Tips UPDATED


Big THANK YOU to jRog who made another important update possible.

Teamspeak Address Change - 09.05.2014 (Xodius)

Note that our Teamspeak address has changed. You can now connect to it at:


Please update your bookmarks when you get a chance.

Version 2.00.00 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 07.05.14 (baZti)

It's out now. We will test this update on server three first.


  • Warfare: GREENFOR (AAF) for PvP ADDED

    Now possible: NATO vs CSAT, NATO vs AAF and CSAT vs AAF

    We only added GREENFOR to two Jet Layouts first (Central and West)


  • Layouts: Pre-captured towns now ACTIVATED on each layout

  • Scripts: Service Points REWORKED

    But: It's still WIP and BIS released a new patch, there could be new problems

  • Scripts: IDS TWEAKED

  • Scripts: Money refund for Jets ADDED

  • Scripts: Nameplates are now ACTIVATED from the mission start

    You can still disable them if you want with Windows-Key or CTRL+L

  • Scripts: Fast ropes ADDED for Hellcat choppers

  • Scripts and displays: Welcome screen (how to play) IMPLEMENTED

  • Bugfix: Backpack restriction for Snipers FIXED

  • Vehicles: First Aid Kits in each vehicle DECREASED from 10 to 5

  • Items: Price of Mine Detector INCREASED from 500cr to 5.000cr

    == Medic Revamp ==

  • Scripts and displays: Health indicator IMPLEMENTED (Indicator disappears if health is at 100)

    Info: Only a Medic can heal you up to 100 (engine restriction), First Aid Kit only up to 75 (engine restriction)

  • Payment: Medics now getting paid for their job, 50cr for each revive (starting low, we want to collect some data first)

  • Scripts: Restrictions for revive IMPLEMENTED

    Medic with a Medkit can revive up to 100, without Medkit up to 75 (don't drop it anymore!) and everyone else up to 60


    Big THANK YOU to jRog who made that big update possible.

Zeus + 3 Faction EUTW CTI Warfare - 05.06.2014 (Xodius)

On Wednesday May 7th @ 2000 hrs CEST EUTW will be hosting a special Zeus/3 Faction CTI Warfare mission event on Server #3. 

The map will be North I and the main factions fighting for territory are AAF and CSAT. NATO will be the 3rd faction which will be run by EUTW members who will be providing a light opposition to the main attacking sides, but they will be severely limited on resources. 

To throw a twist into CTI, there will also be sidemissions in which teams will be able to earn rewards for themselves and their teams throughout the course of the mission. The sidemissions will range from a variety of special objectives from meeting with informants, attacking/defending encampments, transporting VIP's, and a host of other surprises conjure up for you throughout the mission. 

Mark your calendars and join us for this event. 

Don't forget to sign up on our forums and give us your feedback.

Arma 3 v1.18 Issues - 02.05.14 (Xodius)

As many of you are already aware, there was an update that occurred the other day. There is some good things and some bad. The bad I will highlight below, so everyone is in the know:

1. Floating and flying vehicles - This has been an issue with MHQ's specifically and possibly MRAP's in general where they are floating about 10-15m above the ground. The other is if you accelerate quickly over a hill and get some nice air, you may continue to fly forward. This is a BIS issue that they will have to fix

2. Mission Loading Issues - We quickly fixed this in a Delta update on 1.97.0 and increased the sleep timer in the mission init to 20 seconds. This is a problem with our mission scripting and what we have done here with the delta update is temporarily fix it, but you may still find that it occurs from time to time. If you find that you spawn at a place other than the HQ then just respawn. If you find the shop is not working, you'll need to leave and come back. If the MHQ's are still at a different location. Have someone transport there and destroy them. They should respawn at the correct location after 2 minutes.

3. High RoF vehicle weapons can cause lag - This is a known BIS issue that seems to get amplified with the number of people that are around when you are firing. This issue seems to include Pawnees, Ghosthawks, Orca Armed, and all jets. 

We will monitor the progress closely with what BIS is doing and hope that a hotfix is available soon (Perferably today).

Thanks for your patience.

Version 1.97.0 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 18.04.14 (baZti)



  • Layouts: South-West II UPDATED (Com Center)

  • Layouts: West-Coast REWORKED

  • Shop: White Smoke Grenades ADDED for 10cr

Version 1.96.9 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 16.04.14 (baZti)



  • Layouts: East UPDATED (Service Point & HQs got shifted)

  • BLUFOR Item Shop: Chemlight blue & yellow for 10cr ADDED

  • OPFOR Item Shop: Chemlight red & yellow for 10cr ADDED

  • BLUFOR Item Shop: IR Grenade (NATO) for 15cr ADDED

  • OPFOR Item Shop: IR Grenade (CSAT) for 15cr ADDED

  • Item Shop: Laser Designator price DECREASED from 35.000cr to 25.000cr

  • Backpack Shop: Mortar Tube price INCREASED from 9.000cr to 13.000cr

  • Weapon Shop: Missing weapons ADDED

    => MXC (BLUFOR) for 1.000cr, Katiba Carbine (OPFOR) for 1.000cr and TRG21 for 1.250cr

  • UAV Shop: MQ4A Greyhawk (CAS) and K40 Ababil-3 (CAS) price DECREASED from 17.500 to 13.000

    Info: We know about the problems with the UAV's right now. We will take a look at it.

  • Scripts: Alternative keybind for nameplates CHANGED to CTRL+L

Version 1.96.8 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 06.04.14 (baZti)



  • Layouts: East UPDATED (AA-Statics at Backyard removed)

  • Scripts: New EUTW Group Managment ADDED

  • Advertising (Partners): Infoboard UPDATED

Friendly/spotted mines will be also visible again on 3P OFF servers after the next server restart.




Version 1.96.7 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 30.03.14 (baZti)



  • Scripts: Snipers can NO LONGER use or buy storage backpacks. UAV, Mortar, MK50, and Parachutes are still able to be purchased.

  • Weather: Fixed the fog settings for all layouts working (The arma version 1.14 patch caused some issues with this)

  • Layouts: West UPDATED. Fourth layout with Jets

  • Layouts: South-West UPDATED (Additions made to Edessa)

  • Vehicle Shop: Quad price INCREASED from 200cr to 300cr

  • Flag Shop: Quad price INCREASED from 200cr to 400cr Vehicle

  • Shop: Standard Hunter/Ifrit price INCREASED from 1000cr to 1500cr

  • Flag Shop: Standard Hunter/Ifrit price INCREASED from 1500cr to 1800cr

  • Shop: Ammo and Rocket Crates can NO LONGER be purchased at the HQ, but can still be purchased at the captured flags.

  • Flag Shop: Rocket Crates DECREASED from 4000cr to 3500cr

  • Flag Shop: Content of ammo crates changed. Ammo with tracers have been REPLACED by standard ammo 

  • BLUFOR Vehicle Shop: Bobcat price DECREASED from 14000Cr to 10000cr

  • Weapon Shop: MK200 price INCREASED from 1600cr to 2000cr

  • BLUFOR Weapon Shop: MK 18 ABR price DECREASED from 2500cr to 2300cr

  • OPFOR Weapon Shop: Rahim price DECREASED from 2500cr to 2300cr

  • Layouts: West II UPDATED (reworked points, two new flags added, etc...) 

  • Layouts: West UPDATED. This is the fourth layout with Jets

  • Layouts: South-West UPDATED (Additions made to Edessa)

Partner Servers Update - 27.03.14 (Xodius)

As many of you are already aware, we have kicked off our partner servers program to help support the growth of the CTI missions we have created.

The three partner servers are as follows:

ODK Clan - 3rd Person Off 

Team Swaffle - 3rd Person Off 

Impact Gaming - 3rd Person On 

These servers contain exactly the same missions and optional add-ons as the official ones to ensure that we can deliver the same experience across all of them. Just as we promote the use of our official servers, we are fully endorse and back our partners as well.

Please be aware that the EUTW staff do not have admin rights on these servers which means that we cannot change the maps, restart the servers, or administer kicks/bans. However, we will be sharing our core banlists with them on a regular basis and vice-versa.

If you are interested in becoming an official EUTW CTI Warfare Server Partner, please visit our HOSTING PAGE for more information.

Version 1.96.6 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 24.03.14 (baZti)


  • Scripts: If you still own the majority of the captured area, you can spawn there

    ==> new requirement: 51/100 (old requirement: 55/100)

  • Layouts: South-West completely REWORKED and bug got FIXED that the round isn't ending if everything got captured by one team 

  • Layouts: East got UPDATED, this is our third layout with Jets now

    Info: There are no plans to add jets to each layout. Maybe five or six layouts with jets. That's it.

  • Layouts: South UPDATED, you can now buy stuff without problems at Sector D 

  • Scripts: fog 0 should/could work again with our three layouts with Jets

  • Advertising: Infoboard at HQ with new partner server UPDATED

We will test this update on one server first.

Version 1.96.5 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 22.03.14 (baZti)

Mod Changes

  • Shop: Zamak Trucks got REPLACED by the new Tempest Trucks for OPFOR

  • Layouts/Scripts: Jets for a testrun with North-East II & Central ADDED

    ==> A-164 Wipeout (CAS) costs 55000cr
    ==> To-199 Neophron (CAS) costs 53000cr

    Info: There are plans to increase the fixed viewdistance soon. But we need to parse some things first.

  • Layouts: West II (smaller adjustments) & Central (both HQ's got moved for better coexistence with Jets) UPDATED

We will update Server 3 first. If everything is working without new bugs, we will update the other servers and give these files to our partners too.

Version 1.96.4 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 19.03.14 (baZti)

Mod Changes

  • Scripts: alternative keybind for nameplates ADDED (CTRL+P)

  • Scripts: MHQ script against stealing and inexperience ADDED

  • All Layouts: HQ marker on map UPDATED

  • Advertising: Infoboard at HQ with partner servers UPDATED

We're already working on the next update for a testrun with the new jets. North-East II will be the test candidate. Release date is next monday or earlier.

How we will implement Jets: You will be able to port from HQ to Airbase (back and forth). On the airbase ("don't attack" area like the HQ) you will be able to buy a jet.

Version 1.96.3 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 15.03.14 (baZti)

Mod Changes

  • Cleaning Script: ongoing optimizations

  • Layouts: minor changes (flags/objects) to prevent problems with the next patch

  • Layouts: North-East II UPDATED for test run with a colour correction profile

  • Scripts: you can't pick up a Sniper weapon anymore, if you are not a Sniper

  • Bugfixing: MHQ spawning at airbase problem could be FIXED, we need to test it



Version 1.96.2 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 10.03.14 (baZti)


  • Scripts: ADDED enableSentences false. This removes the annoying automatic radio callouts ingame.

  • Vehicle Shop:

    • HEMTT/Zamak Refuel Truck INCREASED from 800cr to 1000cr

    • HEMTT/Zamak Repair Truck INCREASED from 800cr to 1200c

    • HEMTT/Zamak Ammo Truck INCREASED from 800cr to 2000cr

  • Drone Shop: MQ4A Greyhawk, UGV Stomper (RCWS), K40 Ababil-3 and UGV Stomper (RCWS) REMOVED from the shop 

  • The K40 Ababil-3 (CAS), MQ4A Greyhawk (CAS) and the AR-2 Darter are still available. 

  • Vehicle Cleaning Script (still WIP): smaller optimizations, out of mainbase the following stuff getting removed each 20 minutes if no one is in the vehicle: Quads, unarmed Hunter/Ifrit, Hunter/Infrit HMG, Transport/Refuel/Medic Truck and the Ammo Box 

Don't forget:
There is a refund script running for the first seconds after you bought something which isn't spawning or is destroyed within that time. This is also working if something getting deleted by clean up script.

Version 1.96.1 EUTW CTI Warfare (TT) - 07.03.14 (baZti)

Mod Changes

  • Shop: Slammer UP ADDED to the BLUFOR shop for 23000cr

  • Shop: Slammer price DECREASED from 23000cr to 21500cr

  • Shop: Both thermal scopes were REMOVED (TWS/Nightstalker)

  • Missionfile (scripts): Smaller adjustments

  • Economy: Team capture (the money you get if your team is capturing a flag and you are out at least 120m from the flag being capped) INCREASED from 100cr to 250cr

  • Cleaning Script: Out of mainbase only Quads/Ifrits/Hunters (unarmed) getting deleted all 25 minutes (if you are not on the vehicle), in mainbase all vehicles (MHQs excluded) getting removed each 25 minutes. The refund script change below should help to alleviate lost vehicles.

  • Refund System: Timer for refund script (for vehicles who are not spawning or got removed by cleaning script) within base changed from 20 to 60 seconds.

The cleaning script is still WIP but it should be much better now. More improvements to come.

Server Stability Update - 07.03.14 (Xodius)

Just a quick update on the server stability as you may have noticed the servers crashing quite a lot. This is a problem was a problem with the latest update to the server code that BIS released yesterday with their 1.12 patch.

BIS released a perf last night with with some improvements. The thread on that can be found HERE with the updated perf.

This is now running on all of the servers and we'll continue to monitor.

And We're Back! ... Sort of - 06.03.14 (Xodius)

As you can see right now, the forums and website are back up and in operation.

We decided yesterday to do a complete wipe and update of the backend software on our server. Alongside this, Arma 3 also released an update. You can view the patchnotes on that HERE.

Servers are backup as well, but be warned there is a known issue with the new server code crashing. As soon as a hotfix for this is available, we will deploy it on all our servers.

Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE: Server crashing has been confirmed by BIS